Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is something bugging me?

I was just reading the Catty Press and the headline "New business bugs some, scratches up zoning debate". (great title by the way)  It seems that a new business called....are you ready....Lice Lifters wants to rent space at the Parish house of the Presbyterian Church.   Let me say I have no thoughts on whether they should rent the space or not.  The article said that some residents are primarily concerned with the possibility of a "We remove head Lice" sign located next to a sign that reads "George Taylor Slept Here."  Who knows maybe George was plagued by head lice.

My thoughts went immediately  to many years ago when my son, who was under the age of 10 at the time, was a self-proclaimed lice magnet. It started when he played baseball - kids wore each others hats and of course shared batting helmets, next thing you knew, head lice.  We had many a battle with those tiny bugs.  Rid was always in  our house, just in case.  When the school would announce head lice, we were ready.  At first I was a rookie going in, not checking the bedding, but it didn't take long until I knew what to do.  So when I read this article I thought what does Lice Lifters do?

Well for starters they use the LouseBuster (you know what I want to say don't you...who you gonna call?) "The LouseBuster device provides a revolutionary new way to kill head lice and their eggs without using pesticides or other chemical.  Clinical studies have shown that the device, which uses only controlled heated air, provides a very safe, fast and very effective way to kill all stages of headlice – including lice eggs!"

Now I did some poking around on their website, they have lots of lice facts, but I saw the price - ouch - had these services been around then I would not have been able to afford it -  The triple threat treatment is $175.00 per head (with a 30 minute comb out) and according to the Catty Press the treatment takes an hour and a half.   But then again as a mother and once having the pesty little creatures myself it makes sense to be able to go somewhere for help.  But there is more to do that just getting rid of them on your head, the  bedding, pillows and blankets have to be washed along with hats, scarves and anything else that came in contact with your head.  What a pain in the you know what!

But those days have been long gone for me over twenty years ago since I battled those little foes.  Thanks Catty Press for taking my down another memory lane, of course, this one I could of done without.

Anyone scratching your head yet?

Hey, but that's..... another day in Catasauqua!!