Friday, September 18, 2015

A Concert of Hope with Mark Smeby

John Yoast
Every morning on my way to work I listen to 107.5 Alive FM.  During my drive I hear wonderful music that uplifts my spirit and Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk. I hear the smooth as butter voice of Max McLean read the scriptures, and my absolute favorite part, listening to John Yoast tell the Phillies baseball scores.  Because even if the Phillies lost, Mr. Yoast makes it sounds so positive - he is always looking for the "W".  Let's not even discuss the fact that listening to Mr. Yoast every morning caused me to purchase Everfresh Juice when I went to Shady Maples the other week, because nothing goes better with a hot dog that Everfresh Juice and baseball.

When I heard a few days ago that 107.5 Alive was bringing Mark Smeby-The Live Hope Tour to Phoebe Ministries, which is located next to my office, I was ecstatic.    The radio station is located in Boyertown and a lot of the free concerts are in Churches in their area.  Since I don't drive well at night I don't like to go to areas that I am not familiar with, but this was right next door!

I went home about two days before and told Parke that I planned on going to this concert and he said he would go to, which was a delightful surprise.  I didn't think Parke would be interested at all.

Mark Smeby coming down to the people
So yesterday was the day, I left work, got stuck in a ton of traffic, picked up Parke and headed back. The nice thing about going to Phoebe is that I have my own private parking space at my office.  We grabbed our chairs and headed over - to my surprise there wasn't a huge crowd like I anticipated.  I thought tons of people would grab this opportunity to hear some uplifting Christian music.

We put our chairs behind some of the residents that had been wheeled out to hear the concert.  The scene reminded me of church - no one was sitting in the front seats, just like no one sits in the front pews.

I was sitting, waiting for the concert to start when this handsome gentleman came over and said "Hi, I am Mark, what's your name?"  It took five seconds for me to realize that this was the man I was coming to hear, I was in awe, slightly shocked.  I mean who takes the time to say Hi to his audience.  Well, Mark Smeby did.  He went over to Parke and asked him his name.  Now  Parke does have an unusual name so I said Mark - Parke - Parke - Mark.  And onward he went - stopping to say hi and chatting with people.

Then it was showtime.  I cannot express to you in words how much I enjoyed his show.  His songs, the music, so uplifting.  He urged us to sing along with some of the hymns,  So I sang, I swayed, I even lit up my phone app and held it up during the last song "Pilgrim Man".   He made us laugh, he made us think, and he made me feel blessed.  The best part though, I think Parke felt it to.

After the show Parke wanted to go over to say how much he enjoyed the show. (Yes, my friends who read this "PARKE" wanted to go over to him)  I counted this as a small miracle. Thank you God.

Mark Smeby currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, if you want to check him out, and where he will be his website is

Mark and Me
I know this blog has nothing to do with Catasauqua this time,but that's where I ended up after the concert, back home, filled with hope.  And let's talk about a excellent night.  After the concert we went food shopping - boy, Giant is empty after 8:00 pm - shopped in record time. And then, we went to WAWA for supper and guess what!  THE GOBBLER is back.  Does life get any better?

Seriously though, if you ever get the opportunity to be blessed by seeing Mark Smeby, go!  He does not disappoint.

Thank you Mark Smeby, thank you John Yoast, and thank
you 107.5 Alive for making it all possible.

And, last but not least, thank you God, for Another day in Catasauqua.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Nights at the Catasauqua Amphitheatre

Two Friday nights ago we finally made to it one of the concerts in the Park.  We took Petey, our dog, for his first concert.  What a great night it was - weather wise, dog wise and friend wise.

The Catasauqua Amphitheater is situated at such a great spot at the bottom on the three dips - it's own natural arena.    It makes me wonder - are the three dips man made?  I know that the WPA Playground Project of 1935 was used to construct the pool and pool house, but what about the three dips?

Anyway - lets talk about the summer concert series - we went to hear the Toga Party Band.  They were fun - music was good.  Every Friday night from May 29 to September 4 there is a different band.  Take your blanket, some food and drinks and perhaps chairs and your night is complete.  Heck I even saw a table set up,

People were talking, some were dancing.  Children were running around playing.  It was a lot of family friendly fun.  I wasn't sure how Petey would be at his first concert.  We sat on the hill next to the walkway that leads down to the pool.  Boy, I forgot how steep that hill is.  My old lady knees had a hard time making their way down the hill, but we don't go down the hill far.  Petey is either very cute or scary depending how you view pitbulls - I was tickled when one boy asked if he could pet him - Petey loves it. And, better yet,  a Sunday School student of mine, Kylie and a friend stopped by for some hugs and kisses from Petey - Kylie has met Petey before,  Petey did growl at the band when the music started but he got use to it pretty quick.

We had plans to go last Friday night to see Steel Creek, but unfortunately some dog I know decided to put his head up some skunk butt, needless to say I didn't want anyone to pet Stinky Pete.  This week I have an Iron Pigs Game so I will miss James Supra Band, but I have a few more weekends left to get back to hear some more music.

I give Catasauqua a two thumbs up for their summer concert series.  If you are looking for something free and fun to do on a Friday night - check it out ....and that's Another day in Catasauqua.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It wasn't just Another Day in Catasauqua

I went for coffee this morning at WAWA in Whitehall - usually you go in and come back out and that's about it, this morning it reminded me the coffee shop that use to be in Catty.  Everyone was talking about the storm.  One person mentioned Coplay, another said - you should see Catty.  I was at work in Allentown when it all happened.  We had some heavy rain, but nothing like at home.  Parke called during the storm - he had heard glass crashing he went up to the third floor found one window smashed.  The hail started pelting the roof, he said the noise was deafening.  We have a cat that lives on the third floor affectionately called, Cat.  Cat virtually has no contact with us normally but she and Parke both stood there looking at the ceiling like, what the heck is going on.
Pine Street Bridge

I left work early - there were reports of street closures and a tree on the Pine Street Bridge - yes on the bridge.  I have been on that bridge in a storm and it is scary.  There are trees on each side and the tree tops bend over the top of the bridge in high winds.   I came home via Race Street - turned on to 14th and when I got the Sheckler School I was in awe - the trees in front of the school were all split in half - looked like they were literally ripped apart.  Going farther on 14th it looked like a Tree Bomb when off - leveling and breaking trees.  Crazy.  I turned onto Walnut Street only to find it closed.   Tried Bridge Court next - closed.  I went back out to Race Street and crossed my fingers and went up to Wood Street - clear - woo hoo - went up to Howertown Road to my house.  Oh my,  trees, leaves and people everywhere.  The PPL truck was parked at my house.

My 3rd Floor windows
Damage to my house consists of many window panes broken in my attic, my tomato garden looks like it was flattened and leaves everywhere.  Not bad, it could been worse and it was all over our town, Whitehall and Coplay.  It is weird turning on the Eyewitness News and hearing them mention Coplay and the size of the hail. The hail in Coplay was 1.75 inches in diameter. Wow.

The best video of the storm on Facebook is that of Ben Ferenchak - who was crazy enough to be out on his porch and taking video of the storm.  If you can check it out - please do.
Walnut Street - the reason I couldn't go home this way

This just in from Catasauqua - The Catasauqua Park was hit pretty bad during the storm yesterday. Officials are asking that you stay out of the Park for safety reasons until further notice. Also, the Pool will be closed and Park activities will be suspended until further notice.

I saw video of the park last night on facebook - lots of trees down - some on the playground equipment, some on the different courts, the one basketball court was covered with trees.

I am sure we will be cleaning this mess up for a while.  I know tonight I will be cleaning up my lawn.  Last night we had tickets for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, since we did not have electricity we decided to go to the game, even if it was just to eat and get a free t-shirt.  Turned out to be a good game so we did not get back home until 10:00 PM. I would say that only about half the people attended - our whole section was missing people.  I think a lot of people just stayed home.  

On my way to work this morning it was sad to see how many trees had to be cut down or how many huges branches were down just in my few blocks. I guess you will have this in a "Tree City" town.   It seems like we might of had more damage this time than we did with Hurricane Sandi or a least comparable.  This was quick, Hurricane Sandi was a whole long night.  Hurricane Sandi was wide spread - this was locked into Coplay, Whitehall and Catasauqua.  The Airport reported winds of 65 miles an hour.  

I haven't heard that anyone was hurt, just property, I think that is a good thing.  All in all it was a day to remember.  I am sure we will be talking about this storm for quite a while.  

Let's hope we don't have ..........Another Day in this one for a long, long time.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Just me...complaining

I have decided to whine, complain and just get it off my chest.  Social media, while I love it as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends; and as a way to know what is happening locally and in the world, it can really be a pain sometimes.

There is an old wise saying that goes don't talk about religion and politics.  And while I don't see many fights or maybe avoid them on Facebook, I am tired of Obama bashing.  Really people - he has a little over 500 days left in office, aren't you over the fact yet that he was elected President - get over it.   We should be praying for our leaders and our government that has been elected by the us, the people.  So you didn't vote for him - ok - but he is President - respect him.

As far as I know, President Obama is not muslim, not the anti-christ, has not changed the Presidential Seal, does not want to re-write the National Anthem, his wedding right does not say "There is no other God but allah"  and everything else that I have read over the past few years on Facebook.  

Yesterday though, I was a upset by a persons post on the fact that they captured the 21 year old white man who was charged with the murder of nine people at a historic black South Carolina church,  and their response.  People screaming death penalty, and a few other dark things.    But, when I watch the news later that night I saw people coming together, white and black, holding hands and praying.

My first instinct was to pray for the families of those who died, and for the survivors, but we must also pray for the young man.  My first thought is always, I wonder if he went to Sunday School (That's the Sunday school teacher in me).  Mr. Roof listened to the dark voices in his head.   It's times like these that I see the Devil's influence, we can scream mental illness, racism or a dozen other reasons he did this.  But when it comes down to it, it is just pure evil and the only way to fight that is with good.   And God is so good.

The devil rejoiced at the shooting, but then was defeated - this time the masses did not riot, instead they joined hands and prayed.  And God knows, the devil hates that.  (Take note though - there is less media coverage of the prayer vigils that there was of the rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson)

So the next time you post on social media, think first.  Is it really want you want to say.  Is this how you want to identify yourself.

There are currently 16 persons running for President - instead of bashing them let's look at their politics and weigh sensibly who we will vote for.    You never know what people will believe - they might not vote for someone because they read on Facebook that they were born on another planet, and thus, are not eligible to be president of the United States.

Okay - I will let you bash one presidential hopeful - Donald Trump, LOL (you know....the devil made me say that) and with that I get off my soap box... and go back to Facebook to watch funny animal videos, to see what's up with my family and friends.....and that's another day in Catasauqua.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Church in the Park

I am tired. But blissfully tired from a morning of Worship in the Park with Salem UCC, Catasauqua.  God blessed us with great weather two years in a row.  Today was again warm and breezy. Attendance was good the children sang like angels!  All year long we would try to get them to sing and on the Sundays that we were schedule to sing no one showed up or perhaps 2 did.  So today we had a great group and they sang a medley of their greatest hits.  You know, like Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light of Mine and The B I B L E.  Yes it was great to see and hear the children.

The nest with the birdie
I love Pastor Mike's Sermon in the Park. At church I usually just look at him during the sermon but today, I watched birds, and a few squirrels and marveled at the evergreen trees that were to my left.  I still listened to the sermon but there is something about the wind blowing, the sun shining and just seeing the nature around me that makes me feel so close to God.   There was a bird in a nest just to the left of where Pastor Mike was standing and when it popped up it made me smile.  One of God's creatures also taking in the sermon.

I think the birds sang twice as loud when everyone sang, I think they wanted to sing along.

A shout out to everyone who made it possible - bff, Tammy organizes the event but so many hands helped in the setting up and taking down that it went so smoothly.

It's hours later and I am beat - my legs just about want to give up.  But I am still smiling about singing Blessed Assurance, praying and listening to Worship in the Park today.  I hope more people will join us next year.

Oh - and let's not forget the FOOD - omg - really - hot dogs, barbeque, tons of salads, snack and DESSERTS.  Yes Megan I had your delicious peanut butter dessert and it was a little slice of peanut butter heaven.  As we said there is no such thing as too much peanut butter.

And then there was BINGO.  I called Bingo and bff, Cathy played a card for me.  I won a crossword puzzle book.  But you know what, I never got to call the number B4 - I know this because I wanted to say, if God B4 me - who could be against.

and that's .....another day in Catasauqua

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lots to do in Catasauqua this weekend!

I just got back from the Iron Works Summer Blast.  It was hot but there was a really good crowd there; which I love seeing at an event it Catasauqua.

 There is a little of everything.  Food, music, beverages, and all kinds of entertainment.  My bff, Cathy and I didn't stay real long, but we saw lots friends and enjoyed a frozen lemonade.  It is exciting to see what Catasauqua might become.  It great to see that they are taking a site and using it the best way possible.  

There was Bike Demos from the Catty Woods bmx bike riders, games for the children, and even a Beer Garden - along with a real garden with a really cool water feature. 

Also, if you think you have what it takes to be a fire fighter, they had Junior Fireman obstacle course you could try out.  (Just a side note - Cathy and I did  not try this course)

There was also an interactived art mural that you can paint your thoughts on.

Besides musical entertainment you could catch the Burning Hearts Fire and Light Theater.

It if gets to hot down at the blast furnace you can head up to the North Catasauqua Park for their last night.  I was up there Thursday night enjoying the music of  the Large Flowerheads.  The North Catty Carnival is always a fun time.

Now - if you wake tomorrow and feel like going to church and perhaps a picnic - Salem UCC is having Church in the Park at 10 AM tomorrow followed by a picnic and games.  Please feel free to join us.

Well, I gotta go take a shower, my new fitness tracker tells me I just  walked 3526 steps and I am a little sweaty.

Don't forget - there is a lot of stuff to do in Catty - check it out - and that's ...another day in Catasauqua

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Whatcha Gonna Do when The Book Bounty Hunters come for you.

The Mission
Today, I and my team became aware of over due books at the Catasauqua Public Library.  Our job was to check the shelves, to see if perhaps the books were returned and not properly checked in.  Well let me tell you, there are a lot of overdue books out there Catasauqua, and perhaps; yes, just perhaps, we're coming for you......WE ARE the Book Bounty Hunters. 

Book Bounty Hunters are on the right side of the Library Law tirelessly bringing in the over due books and encouraging those who forget to return them to FIND them.

BB, Catt & Basket Lady
My team of  Catt (Cathy), Basket Lady (Carol) and me,  B.B (Bev), are experts in our field and I am not sure that you want us showing up at your door.  Oh - I forgot to mention our own "Charlie" like in Charlies Angels: DON and Don will back us up.  He will be with us on every mission, about two blocks away hunkering down in his car because he is a little embarassed to be seen with us.  BUT none the less - he will be there.

So I suggest, check your book bags, underneath the bed, in the sofa cushions and underneath all the mail on the dining room table. 

Don - you never see his face

Check and find that book on The Art of Flower Arrangements, How to start a Small Business on $20 or perhaps you borrowed Heidi, but find it and find it now and return it.   Because if you don't  you just never know what might happen.

Remember - a book can't be a blessing if it's not being read and if it is hiding under your bed, it can not be enjoyed by others.

So remember to return you books to the Library because if not, just maybe, more probably not, you might see us at your door. 

So from Catt, Basket Lady and B. B. remember this "BRR" - Borrow, Read and Return and that's another day in Catasauqua

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Momerisms by my Mother - only she can come up with these

At the Wacky Shack at Dorney - 1964
Today is my Mother's 81st Birthday.  My mom is Catherine Delores Temos Kline Heil.  Kate to some, Cathy to others and mama to me.

Now my mom is unique and her momerisms are not typical and that is to say the least.  She has trouble pronoucing some things.  Spaghetti becomes pissgehetti.  Soup is zoup.

My mom has been living with us for several years and I am still not use to her talking to me in the morning.  I was use to a lifetime of quiet in the morning, now I hear the latest gossip and headlines from the Morning Call.  The best is when she is telling me the story - it goes like this.

Mom and I at Christmas 1959

Mom:  You know that guy
Me:  What guy
Mom:  You know, on TV
Me:  Can't say so mom.
Mom:  Oh you know, I know you know.

Then there is General Hospital, Parke and I DVR it and watch it at supper, so when my mom joins us for supper we get the same thing EVERY time she watches it.

Mom:  You see that girl - she was on the Young and the Restless.
Mom:  You see him - he was on the Young and the Restless.
Mom:  On the Young and Restless he is married to that girl.

BUT now my absolute favorite, absolutely funniest thing she has ever said was last night when we came home from dinner, the annual Chinese Buffet for her birthday, she says..... are you ready for this.
My Son, Rob, Mom and Me

Mom:  Hey - did you see that Mr. Spark died - you know on that show, Spark, that spaceship show, he
was from another planet.

Me:  Yes mom, I see Mr. Spark died, and I am sure Captain Tirk and Lieutenant Hulu are sad

and that's another day in Catasauqua

Friday, February 27, 2015

Frozen in Catasauqua

I don't care
What they're going to say
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway!

Well, that might be good for Elsa, but that is not good enough for me.  This winter in Catty didn't start out that bad.  December wasn't that cold but then came January, February and now March.  I just came back to the office and they are brining the streets here is in Allentown for some more snow this weekend.  I haven't seen much predicted 1 to 3 inches maybe.  Some mornings when I drive down Third Street in Catty I am in awe of the snow/ice mounds everywhere.  Where does the next snow go?  

I don't think the snow bothers me as much as does the cold.  The sun burns bright today but the temperature is in the 20's.  The ice doesn't melt.  After lasts weekend brief warm temperatures my back yard turned first into mud, then a lake and now a small frozen pond.  Since my Mother parks out in the driveway she has come up with a creative way to get to her car.  Instead of going straight down the yard she has devised a clever path whereby she hangs a right at our shed then climbs the fence, swings from the tree and lands on her car.  Okay - it might not be as complicated as that but when my mom tells me that's what I envision.  

But take heart Catasauqua, the sun is shining and it is 21 days until Spring - so what if the real feel temperature is 18 degrees and the low tonight will be zero, frolic in the sunshine and know that next weekend starts daylight savings time, so it will be light and cold longer every day.

So stay warm fellow Catasauquians and take heart - before you know it we will be complaining about the heat.....and that's Another Day in Catasauqua.