Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Nights at the Catasauqua Amphitheatre

Two Friday nights ago we finally made to it one of the concerts in the Park.  We took Petey, our dog, for his first concert.  What a great night it was - weather wise, dog wise and friend wise.

The Catasauqua Amphitheater is situated at such a great spot at the bottom on the three dips - it's own natural arena.    It makes me wonder - are the three dips man made?  I know that the WPA Playground Project of 1935 was used to construct the pool and pool house, but what about the three dips?

Anyway - lets talk about the summer concert series - we went to hear the Toga Party Band.  They were fun - music was good.  Every Friday night from May 29 to September 4 there is a different band.  Take your blanket, some food and drinks and perhaps chairs and your night is complete.  Heck I even saw a table set up,

People were talking, some were dancing.  Children were running around playing.  It was a lot of family friendly fun.  I wasn't sure how Petey would be at his first concert.  We sat on the hill next to the walkway that leads down to the pool.  Boy, I forgot how steep that hill is.  My old lady knees had a hard time making their way down the hill, but we don't go down the hill far.  Petey is either very cute or scary depending how you view pitbulls - I was tickled when one boy asked if he could pet him - Petey loves it. And, better yet,  a Sunday School student of mine, Kylie and a friend stopped by for some hugs and kisses from Petey - Kylie has met Petey before,  Petey did growl at the band when the music started but he got use to it pretty quick.

We had plans to go last Friday night to see Steel Creek, but unfortunately some dog I know decided to put his head up some skunk butt, needless to say I didn't want anyone to pet Stinky Pete.  This week I have an Iron Pigs Game so I will miss James Supra Band, but I have a few more weekends left to get back to hear some more music.

I give Catasauqua a two thumbs up for their summer concert series.  If you are looking for something free and fun to do on a Friday night - check it out ....and that's Another day in Catasauqua.