Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Walk in the Park - Coca-Cola Park

 Yesterday was a special day, it was our Annual Iron Pigs Suite night at Coca-Cola Park.  Once a year a group of us from Salem UCC rent the Iron Pigs Suite, we each chip in to cover the costs and we have a night of FOOD, friendship, fun and baseball. 

I decided to take some pictures to share here in case you haven't had a chance to be in one of the suites yet. 

First we headed to the park with cloudy skies overhead, we knew that there was a chance that the game might be rained out.  But, whether the weather co-operates or not, you have to go for the food part of the night. 

We hopped into the elevator to the 2nd floor even though the suites are numbered in the 300's - tricky.  Off the elevator and pass the bar and food to the hallway leading to the suites. 

My plate
Besides being with friends the food is my  next favorite part.  This year it didn't let me down there was fried chicken, pulled pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked pasta dish, potato salad, a salad with dressings, condiments and fixings.  On another table was potato chips and the best cookies, the sugar cookies being my favorite!

The Buffet
I have it down to a science, I usually eat a hamburger, sometimes I just eat hot dogs, this is only because I love hot dogs, but Parke does not and the ball games are my time to get hot dogs.  We are 18 game plan holders so I usually get my share during the season, especially on Dollar Dog nights.  Last night, I ate to much, but it was so good.  I am of the mentality that I have to get my monies worth.  Thus why I am sipping peppermint tea as I write this!

A note to self - do not drink a beer after consuming a large quantity of food - I felt like I just poured vinegar in a stomach full of baking soda, can you say BLOAT.  My muffin top turned into a sheet cake over my jeans.  
John and Tammy

BFF Tammy was to throw out the first pitch for our group, and she was so excited to do so, but after she left to line up the rain started, the tarp came out and Tammy came back up, they were told to wait in the tunnel, but it was a good thing she didn't, the game eventually was rained out.

Super Ferrous
As usual Ferrous made a quick visit to our suite - it was Super Hero Night and he was dressed for the occasion.

Me with my cookie
I don't mind a rain out when we are in the suites, because you get tickets for another game and they will give them for the 2nd level which is called club level!  I like the club level because if it happens to be a bad weather night or if it is too hot out you can take shelter inside.  And to top it off this time they are giving us an additional $15.00 credit on each ticket to use for food - GO PIGS - hot dogs, here I come.

The suites are sweet, sofa and chair - high tables and stools - sorry Shayna for accidentally grabbing your boob to hike myself up on the stool.  But the night is about laughs, talking with friends and usually rooting on the Iron Pigs, well it was still good friends, laughter and food....maybe next year we can "root, root, root for the Iron Pigs, if they don't win it's a shame, cause it 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old ball game......and that another day in Catasauqua.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

and Whispered in the Sounds of Catasauqua

Did you ever listen to the sounds of Catasauqua; especially in the early morning hours.  Before the weed wackers and the lawn mowers start.  Just the sounds of Catasauqua.

My view
This morning I joined Petey (my dog) outside on the back porch for about 15 to 20 minutes with my cup of coffee.  A must have, brewed by the Keurig - a caramel Starbucks with caramel creamer.....ahhh. 

Oops I started to drift away there for a moment.

Anyway, if you live in Catasauqua you know the one sound well, you might even be so use to it that you don't hear it anymore; and that is the sounds of airplanes.  In the quiet morning they don't have to compete with the sounds of cars and people.  It almost sounds like a majestic roar that builds up until it is overhead. 

Mix the airplanews with the far off train sounds from down below Front Street.  The horn blowing as it crosses the intersection at Race Street and it almost sounds meditative. 

And more view off the back yard
And let us not forget the sounds of the BIRDS - can they chirp or what.  They chirp, whistle, squawk and peck the tree, if you have a woodpecker in the neighborhood.  Thanks to being "Tree City USA" we are also Bird City.  I sometimes hate the early morning chirping when you are trying to sleep and they are singing at the sunrise - who knew such tiny little creatures could be so loud. 

Along with the occasional dog bark and
the sounds of cars made up my morning.  It was nice.  "And the vision that was planted in my brain. Still remains within the sound of Catty" take a moment to stop and listen to........ another day in Catasauqua.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania the only place ......

Yesterday was one of those days in Catasauqua.  I changed into my gardening clothes and it started to hail.  Then the sun came out and I pulled some weeds and it started to rain.  Then the sun came out and I took the dog out and got some herbs out of the hothouse and the wind was so gusty I gave up and went inside to watch Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1.

Catasauqua seems to be the home of crazy weather lately but did you know.....

Did you know that the original name of the town was Craneville, but changed to Catasauqua in 1854.  Catasauqua comes from the word gattoshacki -the name is derived from the Lenni Lenape Language and means "burnt ground" "parched land" or "thirsty ground". (Sounds alot like my garden).

Did you know that Catasauqua is the only town in the USA or the world with that name.  There is no other Catasauqua. Well, unless you count us old timers who tell people South Catty, North Catty, East Catty and West Catty when referring to a part of town.

Did you know that Catasauqua encompasses a land area of only 1.29 square miles (825 Acres)?    Lets compare that to the Lehigh Valley International Airport which owns 2,629 Acres around us.

Did you know that Coca-Cola park can hold 10,178 (8,278 seats) but that Catasauqua has a population of 6,512 (in 2014).  That means we could hold a Catasauqua Day at Coca-Cola Park and not be able to fill it.

I guess we put the small in small town - but you know what - I like it.

and that's another day in Catasauqua.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What a beautiful Wring Day!!!

Or maybe it is a wintering.....or a beautiful sprinter day.  You know what I mean if you are currently living in Catty; it is this crazy time of year when Mother Nature can't decide whether it is Spring or Winter. 

It occurred to me this morning after I posted a picture of my shoes on the floor - I had sandals, slipper, work shoes and boots all sitting together.  Parke even told me about it last night.  He asked what the heck I was preparing for.  I wasn't preparing, it was just the shoes that I had worn the last week or two.

I know everything growing in my yard is confused.  My Magnolia Tree which had not bloomed yet but had been in bud, looks now like it won't bloom.  The buds are turning brown and falling off. This makes me sad because I love magnolia flowers.

My lilacs have little buds and seemed to have handled the cold okay, but this morning I thought I might have lost the flowers on my white lilac.  It seemed like last night's freezing cold made everything look a little sad this morning.

In my above ground hot house my strawberries are blooming!  It is evident to me that even the flowers, trees and shrubs are confused this year. 

In looking at my weather app - the low is Tuesday night at 33 degrees.  But that's okay it should be 62 by Thursday.  Yup it is Wring.  Enjoy it.

And that's ..... another day in Catasauqua

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Morning Full of Inspiration

Cyril (Randy) Murphy
I don't blog much anymore, mainly because I need to be inspired to write something.  Especially at home, on my desktop computer which I believe has Windows 1957 on it.  It works a lot slower than I think.  So now you know that  I must of been really inspired to sit down and write this.

This morning I went to church, Salem UCC; just like any other Sunday, first to teach Sunday School and then I usually sing in the choir.  This morning we were in for a special treat.  In lieu of the choir singing, Cyril (Randy) Murphy, would be performing a musical selection instead.  Cyril was a student of mine in Sunday School, he is the son of one of my Bff's, Judy and has since moved away and now lives in North Carolina.

I was running late after Sunday School because the project we worked on involved glue and I was cleaning up.  When I finally got downstairs to the choir room I found that all my fellow choir members were gone and already in Church, mainly because Cyril was playing prelude music.  So I skipped suiting up in my choir robe, and since the closet was locked anyway, I had no where to but my purse so I used the opportunity to sit with my BFF, Cathy instead of sitting in choir.

I got in towards the end of the prelude, but while sitting there and listening to Cyril I started to remember the boy.  The boy that could make me laugh in Sunday School.  The boy who came up with the popper idea for our Sunday School Christmas number which concluded with us all shooting off poppers.  The young man in at his mother's wedding.  The young man, that sang like Kermit the Frog at his Music Program in College.  And now the man behind the piano, playing so beautifully that he gave me goose ginkles.  (That's a lot like goose bumps).

Then it came to Anthem time.  Cyril spoke for moment about praising God and then he sang, Glorify thy Name.  And he didn't just sing it, he felt it, and then you felt it. He then told us to join in, and I did, and then I felt it to.  Goose Ginkles.  It's like knowing that the Holy Spirit is sitting right next to you and that it fills your whole being with all things good.

Now, if you think the inspiration stopped there, it didn't, because now Pastor Michael Smith got up and preached his sermon.  His sermon was about using the gifts of the spirit.  You know, the talents that God gave you, even if you don't know what they are yet. How perfect was that after hearing Cyril use his talents in praising God.    Here was the time now to search you soul, ask God and find what you CAN do to make a difference.

Well, by Jim-i-ney Crickets I was ready to run out  and visit prisons.  I say that because I love the scripture in Matthew 25: 26   "I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’  Well, I try to help people, I donate my clothing, donate food to the food bank, and try to visit those who are sick - or at least send a card, but I haven't had to visit anyone in prison.  Good thing, but maybe that's next and hopefully it is no one that I know.

I got a lot of titles behind my name, like President of Consistory, Elder, choir member and Sunday School Teacher.  I am also a girlfriend, daughter, mother and grandmother; but for some reason I still think there is more I can do.  I better find out what it is soon because I will be too old to do it when I figure it out.

Pastor Mike talked about a certain social awkwardness that keeps us from doing these things.  Not wanting to step on anybody's  toes, so to speak and I feel like for at least half my life I was like that.  I am not anymore, and Praise God for that.

So I know, you might not of been there today to be inspired, but think about it.  God gave everyone gifts or talents, whatever you want to call them, are you using them?  I wish I could give a dose of goose ginkles to everyone.  I think the world would be a better place for it.

So, here is wishing you find inspiration somewhere today.  It may be in a sunrise, a good sermon, a good book or in a child's laugh.  May you be a blessing to someone today and may someone be a blessing to you. These are my prayers for you and that's another day in Catasauqua.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Concert of Hope with Mark Smeby

John Yoast
Every morning on my way to work I listen to 107.5 Alive FM.  During my drive I hear wonderful music that uplifts my spirit and Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk. I hear the smooth as butter voice of Max McLean read the scriptures, and my absolute favorite part, listening to John Yoast tell the Phillies baseball scores.  Because even if the Phillies lost, Mr. Yoast makes it sounds so positive - he is always looking for the "W".  Let's not even discuss the fact that listening to Mr. Yoast every morning caused me to purchase Everfresh Juice when I went to Shady Maples the other week, because nothing goes better with a hot dog that Everfresh Juice and baseball.

When I heard a few days ago that 107.5 Alive was bringing Mark Smeby-The Live Hope Tour to Phoebe Ministries, which is located next to my office, I was ecstatic.    The radio station is located in Boyertown and a lot of the free concerts are in Churches in their area.  Since I don't drive well at night I don't like to go to areas that I am not familiar with, but this was right next door!

I went home about two days before and told Parke that I planned on going to this concert and he said he would go to, which was a delightful surprise.  I didn't think Parke would be interested at all.

Mark Smeby coming down to the people
So yesterday was the day, I left work, got stuck in a ton of traffic, picked up Parke and headed back. The nice thing about going to Phoebe is that I have my own private parking space at my office.  We grabbed our chairs and headed over - to my surprise there wasn't a huge crowd like I anticipated.  I thought tons of people would grab this opportunity to hear some uplifting Christian music.

We put our chairs behind some of the residents that had been wheeled out to hear the concert.  The scene reminded me of church - no one was sitting in the front seats, just like no one sits in the front pews.

I was sitting, waiting for the concert to start when this handsome gentleman came over and said "Hi, I am Mark, what's your name?"  It took five seconds for me to realize that this was the man I was coming to hear, I was in awe, slightly shocked.  I mean who takes the time to say Hi to his audience.  Well, Mark Smeby did.  He went over to Parke and asked him his name.  Now  Parke does have an unusual name so I said Mark - Parke - Parke - Mark.  And onward he went - stopping to say hi and chatting with people.

Then it was showtime.  I cannot express to you in words how much I enjoyed his show.  His songs, the music, so uplifting.  He urged us to sing along with some of the hymns,  So I sang, I swayed, I even lit up my phone app and held it up during the last song "Pilgrim Man".   He made us laugh, he made us think, and he made me feel blessed.  The best part though, I think Parke felt it to.

After the show Parke wanted to go over to say how much he enjoyed the show. (Yes, my friends who read this "PARKE" wanted to go over to him)  I counted this as a small miracle. Thank you God.

Mark Smeby currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, if you want to check him out, and where he will be his website is

Mark and Me
I know this blog has nothing to do with Catasauqua this time,but that's where I ended up after the concert, back home, filled with hope.  And let's talk about a excellent night.  After the concert we went food shopping - boy, Giant is empty after 8:00 pm - shopped in record time. And then, we went to WAWA for supper and guess what!  THE GOBBLER is back.  Does life get any better?

Seriously though, if you ever get the opportunity to be blessed by seeing Mark Smeby, go!  He does not disappoint.

Thank you Mark Smeby, thank you John Yoast, and thank
you 107.5 Alive for making it all possible.

And, last but not least, thank you God, for Another day in Catasauqua.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Nights at the Catasauqua Amphitheatre

Two Friday nights ago we finally made to it one of the concerts in the Park.  We took Petey, our dog, for his first concert.  What a great night it was - weather wise, dog wise and friend wise.

The Catasauqua Amphitheater is situated at such a great spot at the bottom on the three dips - it's own natural arena.    It makes me wonder - are the three dips man made?  I know that the WPA Playground Project of 1935 was used to construct the pool and pool house, but what about the three dips?

Anyway - lets talk about the summer concert series - we went to hear the Toga Party Band.  They were fun - music was good.  Every Friday night from May 29 to September 4 there is a different band.  Take your blanket, some food and drinks and perhaps chairs and your night is complete.  Heck I even saw a table set up,

People were talking, some were dancing.  Children were running around playing.  It was a lot of family friendly fun.  I wasn't sure how Petey would be at his first concert.  We sat on the hill next to the walkway that leads down to the pool.  Boy, I forgot how steep that hill is.  My old lady knees had a hard time making their way down the hill, but we don't go down the hill far.  Petey is either very cute or scary depending how you view pitbulls - I was tickled when one boy asked if he could pet him - Petey loves it. And, better yet,  a Sunday School student of mine, Kylie and a friend stopped by for some hugs and kisses from Petey - Kylie has met Petey before,  Petey did growl at the band when the music started but he got use to it pretty quick.

We had plans to go last Friday night to see Steel Creek, but unfortunately some dog I know decided to put his head up some skunk butt, needless to say I didn't want anyone to pet Stinky Pete.  This week I have an Iron Pigs Game so I will miss James Supra Band, but I have a few more weekends left to get back to hear some more music.

I give Catasauqua a two thumbs up for their summer concert series.  If you are looking for something free and fun to do on a Friday night - check it out ....and that's Another day in Catasauqua.