Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis' the Season

There was the laughter of children, some shrieks, screams and the occasional crying child with a father saying "that's it we're going home."  What can incite all these different responses?  Well, Santa of course, especially when Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive by firetruck for the annual lighting of the North Catasauqua Christmas Tree. 

I almost didn't go this year.  Most of the bff's I go with are sick and I didn't feel like going by myself even though I was going to be singing with "We Sing" North Catasauqua's Community Choir.  So I called one of my other bff's Shirley and went up with her.  Let's face it, I really go for the free hot chocolate and cookies, but the atmosphere is great.  I don't know where all the people come from. 

One of the highlights are all the Gingerbread Houses that you can judge, my personal favorite was the one the marshmallow wall. 

All in all it is a great way to start the Chrismas Season.  There is something about standing out on a really cold night singing Christmas Caroles and watching Santa light up the tree that warms the heart.

So, You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why....that's Another day in Catasauqua 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone.  I guess you might of wondered what happened to me.  After the passing of our beloved dog, Digger, I could't find the inspiration to write.  THEN we decided to adopt a dog from the Lehigh County Humane Society.  We adopted Petey and he is more work than I remembered a dog ever being.  He is also more work than having a baby.  Between Vet visits, Obedience School and training I haven't found the time to think, let alone write.  Besides whenever I tried to get on the computer he was sitting right by me being a pain in the you know what.  Usually chewing something to get my attention.  He is a little better now.  More settled and only seems needy 23 hours a day now.

This is what I see when trying to write
 Mind you, his 60 pound plus body is sitting on my lap while I am trying to type.

So what do I owe the inspiration to blog again to.  Well, a lady sitting out on the curb.  No, she wasn't begging, she wasn't hurt - she was painting our fire hydrant on the corner with a picture.  A while ago I featured a blog on all the painted hydrants in Catasauqua.  The project is called "Catasauqua Hydrants, Revitalization through Art".  You can read that blog here:

There it is - my house!!! How cool!
Anyway - the real exciting news about this picture on this hydrant is that IT IS MY HOUSE.  It is an inspired work of art featuring the first four houses on the block.  WOWSERS, my house has been immortalized; and you can bet that I won't be letting Petey pee on this fire hydrant. 

I am excited to be back.  There has been much I haven't written about.  The mural in Catty is done, we have had a lot of events and even about Petey.  So I will try to write a little more often.  Time to open my eyes and ears to Catty again. 

I better go - Petey is acting suspicious - I better see what kind of trouble he is in.

So watch out, you never know where me and my little dog will show up.....and that's another day in Catasauqua.