Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Morning Full of Inspiration

Cyril (Randy) Murphy
I don't blog much anymore, mainly because I need to be inspired to write something.  Especially at home, on my desktop computer which I believe has Windows 1957 on it.  It works a lot slower than I think.  So now you know that  I must of been really inspired to sit down and write this.

This morning I went to church, Salem UCC; just like any other Sunday, first to teach Sunday School and then I usually sing in the choir.  This morning we were in for a special treat.  In lieu of the choir singing, Cyril (Randy) Murphy, would be performing a musical selection instead.  Cyril was a student of mine in Sunday School, he is the son of one of my Bff's, Judy and has since moved away and now lives in North Carolina.

I was running late after Sunday School because the project we worked on involved glue and I was cleaning up.  When I finally got downstairs to the choir room I found that all my fellow choir members were gone and already in Church, mainly because Cyril was playing prelude music.  So I skipped suiting up in my choir robe, and since the closet was locked anyway, I had no where to but my purse so I used the opportunity to sit with my BFF, Cathy instead of sitting in choir.

I got in towards the end of the prelude, but while sitting there and listening to Cyril I started to remember the boy.  The boy that could make me laugh in Sunday School.  The boy who came up with the popper idea for our Sunday School Christmas number which concluded with us all shooting off poppers.  The young man in at his mother's wedding.  The young man, that sang like Kermit the Frog at his Music Program in College.  And now the man behind the piano, playing so beautifully that he gave me goose ginkles.  (That's a lot like goose bumps).

Then it came to Anthem time.  Cyril spoke for moment about praising God and then he sang, Glorify thy Name.  And he didn't just sing it, he felt it, and then you felt it. He then told us to join in, and I did, and then I felt it to.  Goose Ginkles.  It's like knowing that the Holy Spirit is sitting right next to you and that it fills your whole being with all things good.

Now, if you think the inspiration stopped there, it didn't, because now Pastor Michael Smith got up and preached his sermon.  His sermon was about using the gifts of the spirit.  You know, the talents that God gave you, even if you don't know what they are yet. How perfect was that after hearing Cyril use his talents in praising God.    Here was the time now to search you soul, ask God and find what you CAN do to make a difference.

Well, by Jim-i-ney Crickets I was ready to run out  and visit prisons.  I say that because I love the scripture in Matthew 25: 26   "I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’  Well, I try to help people, I donate my clothing, donate food to the food bank, and try to visit those who are sick - or at least send a card, but I haven't had to visit anyone in prison.  Good thing, but maybe that's next and hopefully it is no one that I know.

I got a lot of titles behind my name, like President of Consistory, Elder, choir member and Sunday School Teacher.  I am also a girlfriend, daughter, mother and grandmother; but for some reason I still think there is more I can do.  I better find out what it is soon because I will be too old to do it when I figure it out.

Pastor Mike talked about a certain social awkwardness that keeps us from doing these things.  Not wanting to step on anybody's  toes, so to speak and I feel like for at least half my life I was like that.  I am not anymore, and Praise God for that.

So I know, you might not of been there today to be inspired, but think about it.  God gave everyone gifts or talents, whatever you want to call them, are you using them?  I wish I could give a dose of goose ginkles to everyone.  I think the world would be a better place for it.

So, here is wishing you find inspiration somewhere today.  It may be in a sunrise, a good sermon, a good book or in a child's laugh.  May you be a blessing to someone today and may someone be a blessing to you. These are my prayers for you and that's another day in Catasauqua.