Saturday, March 7, 2015

Whatcha Gonna Do when The Book Bounty Hunters come for you.

The Mission
Today, I and my team became aware of over due books at the Catasauqua Public Library.  Our job was to check the shelves, to see if perhaps the books were returned and not properly checked in.  Well let me tell you, there are a lot of overdue books out there Catasauqua, and perhaps; yes, just perhaps, we're coming for you......WE ARE the Book Bounty Hunters. 

Book Bounty Hunters are on the right side of the Library Law tirelessly bringing in the over due books and encouraging those who forget to return them to FIND them.

BB, Catt & Basket Lady
My team of  Catt (Cathy), Basket Lady (Carol) and me,  B.B (Bev), are experts in our field and I am not sure that you want us showing up at your door.  Oh - I forgot to mention our own "Charlie" like in Charlies Angels: DON and Don will back us up.  He will be with us on every mission, about two blocks away hunkering down in his car because he is a little embarassed to be seen with us.  BUT none the less - he will be there.

So I suggest, check your book bags, underneath the bed, in the sofa cushions and underneath all the mail on the dining room table. 

Don - you never see his face

Check and find that book on The Art of Flower Arrangements, How to start a Small Business on $20 or perhaps you borrowed Heidi, but find it and find it now and return it.   Because if you don't  you just never know what might happen.

Remember - a book can't be a blessing if it's not being read and if it is hiding under your bed, it can not be enjoyed by others.

So remember to return you books to the Library because if not, just maybe, more probably not, you might see us at your door. 

So from Catt, Basket Lady and B. B. remember this "BRR" - Borrow, Read and Return and that's another day in Catasauqua

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Momerisms by my Mother - only she can come up with these

At the Wacky Shack at Dorney - 1964
Today is my Mother's 81st Birthday.  My mom is Catherine Delores Temos Kline Heil.  Kate to some, Cathy to others and mama to me.

Now my mom is unique and her momerisms are not typical and that is to say the least.  She has trouble pronoucing some things.  Spaghetti becomes pissgehetti.  Soup is zoup.

My mom has been living with us for several years and I am still not use to her talking to me in the morning.  I was use to a lifetime of quiet in the morning, now I hear the latest gossip and headlines from the Morning Call.  The best is when she is telling me the story - it goes like this.

Mom and I at Christmas 1959

Mom:  You know that guy
Me:  What guy
Mom:  You know, on TV
Me:  Can't say so mom.
Mom:  Oh you know, I know you know.

Then there is General Hospital, Parke and I DVR it and watch it at supper, so when my mom joins us for supper we get the same thing EVERY time she watches it.

Mom:  You see that girl - she was on the Young and the Restless.
Mom:  You see him - he was on the Young and the Restless.
Mom:  On the Young and Restless he is married to that girl.

BUT now my absolute favorite, absolutely funniest thing she has ever said was last night when we came home from dinner, the annual Chinese Buffet for her birthday, she says..... are you ready for this.
My Son, Rob, Mom and Me

Mom:  Hey - did you see that Mr. Spark died - you know on that show, Spark, that spaceship show, he
was from another planet.

Me:  Yes mom, I see Mr. Spark died, and I am sure Captain Tirk and Lieutenant Hulu are sad

and that's another day in Catasauqua