Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It wasn't just Another Day in Catasauqua

I went for coffee this morning at WAWA in Whitehall - usually you go in and come back out and that's about it, this morning it reminded me the coffee shop that use to be in Catty.  Everyone was talking about the storm.  One person mentioned Coplay, another said - you should see Catty.  I was at work in Allentown when it all happened.  We had some heavy rain, but nothing like at home.  Parke called during the storm - he had heard glass crashing he went up to the third floor found one window smashed.  The hail started pelting the roof, he said the noise was deafening.  We have a cat that lives on the third floor affectionately called, Cat.  Cat virtually has no contact with us normally but she and Parke both stood there looking at the ceiling like, what the heck is going on.
Pine Street Bridge

I left work early - there were reports of street closures and a tree on the Pine Street Bridge - yes on the bridge.  I have been on that bridge in a storm and it is scary.  There are trees on each side and the tree tops bend over the top of the bridge in high winds.   I came home via Race Street - turned on to 14th and when I got the Sheckler School I was in awe - the trees in front of the school were all split in half - looked like they were literally ripped apart.  Going farther on 14th it looked like a Tree Bomb when off - leveling and breaking trees.  Crazy.  I turned onto Walnut Street only to find it closed.   Tried Bridge Court next - closed.  I went back out to Race Street and crossed my fingers and went up to Wood Street - clear - woo hoo - went up to Howertown Road to my house.  Oh my,  trees, leaves and people everywhere.  The PPL truck was parked at my house.

My 3rd Floor windows
Damage to my house consists of many window panes broken in my attic, my tomato garden looks like it was flattened and leaves everywhere.  Not bad, it could been worse and it was all over our town, Whitehall and Coplay.  It is weird turning on the Eyewitness News and hearing them mention Coplay and the size of the hail. The hail in Coplay was 1.75 inches in diameter. Wow.

The best video of the storm on Facebook is that of Ben Ferenchak - who was crazy enough to be out on his porch and taking video of the storm.  If you can check it out - please do.
Walnut Street - the reason I couldn't go home this way

This just in from Catasauqua - The Catasauqua Park was hit pretty bad during the storm yesterday. Officials are asking that you stay out of the Park for safety reasons until further notice. Also, the Pool will be closed and Park activities will be suspended until further notice.

I saw video of the park last night on facebook - lots of trees down - some on the playground equipment, some on the different courts, the one basketball court was covered with trees.

I am sure we will be cleaning this mess up for a while.  I know tonight I will be cleaning up my lawn.  Last night we had tickets for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, since we did not have electricity we decided to go to the game, even if it was just to eat and get a free t-shirt.  Turned out to be a good game so we did not get back home until 10:00 PM. I would say that only about half the people attended - our whole section was missing people.  I think a lot of people just stayed home.  

On my way to work this morning it was sad to see how many trees had to be cut down or how many huges branches were down just in my few blocks. I guess you will have this in a "Tree City" town.   It seems like we might of had more damage this time than we did with Hurricane Sandi or a least comparable.  This was quick, Hurricane Sandi was a whole long night.  Hurricane Sandi was wide spread - this was locked into Coplay, Whitehall and Catasauqua.  The Airport reported winds of 65 miles an hour.  

I haven't heard that anyone was hurt, just property, I think that is a good thing.  All in all it was a day to remember.  I am sure we will be talking about this storm for quite a while.  

Let's hope we don't have ..........Another Day in this one for a long, long time.