Sunday, April 15, 2012

Never try to read the paper with a Cat

As a cat owner, I know that there some things you cannot do in the house.  Things that attract the cat, like running the can opener, opening the refrigerator and don't even think about moving the cat treat box because even if the cat is on the third floor they will hear it.  Moments ago I saw Tipper, my cat, leap over the sleeping dog in a single bound when he saw me reach up to the top of the fridge (that's where the cat treats are).

After dinner I decided to read the newspaper on the front porch.  Can you believe this weather? I am off tomorrow so I have been using this three day weekend to do gardening and houseclean the kitchen.  So I decided to relax and enjoy the weather for a little bit.  As I started to read the newspaper, Oakley, the neighbor's cat came over to my porch.  Oakley has my mom trained to feed him dry food and cat treats.  I endeavored to ignore Oakley.  As I was reading the Comics a paw came over the top of the paper pushing it down.  I said no, no treats Oakley, I am reading the paper. 

Next Oakley jumped up on the arm of the chair, pretending to rub his head on the chair, he then decides to wash my arm with his sand paper tongue.  I still tried to read the paper, and then it happened Oakley sat on top of the paper and I had no choice but to pet him and scratch his ears, when he got off my lap I went in and got him some treats, this is when Tipper leaped over the dog. 

After treats I went back to reading the paper, however whenever I picked up the paper and tried to read it this somehow signaled Oakley to again jump up on my lap.  After several tries I gave up, it was now getting dark and Oakley had finally left and was back over on his porch. 

I will now try to read the paper on the sofa, but I know, as soon as I do, Tipper will come over and sit on top of the paper.  Some things are inevitable in life, and cats not letting you read the newspaper is one of those things.

Enjoy the weather and that's another day in Catasauqua.