Sunday, April 10, 2016

What a beautiful Wring Day!!!

Or maybe it is a wintering.....or a beautiful sprinter day.  You know what I mean if you are currently living in Catty; it is this crazy time of year when Mother Nature can't decide whether it is Spring or Winter. 

It occurred to me this morning after I posted a picture of my shoes on the floor - I had sandals, slipper, work shoes and boots all sitting together.  Parke even told me about it last night.  He asked what the heck I was preparing for.  I wasn't preparing, it was just the shoes that I had worn the last week or two.

I know everything growing in my yard is confused.  My Magnolia Tree which had not bloomed yet but had been in bud, looks now like it won't bloom.  The buds are turning brown and falling off. This makes me sad because I love magnolia flowers.

My lilacs have little buds and seemed to have handled the cold okay, but this morning I thought I might have lost the flowers on my white lilac.  It seemed like last night's freezing cold made everything look a little sad this morning.

In my above ground hot house my strawberries are blooming!  It is evident to me that even the flowers, trees and shrubs are confused this year. 

In looking at my weather app - the low is Tuesday night at 33 degrees.  But that's okay it should be 62 by Thursday.  Yup it is Wring.  Enjoy it.

And that's ..... another day in Catasauqua