Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chilling in the backyard with Oakley

It's been a little over a month since our dog Digger passed away and it has been more than a little lonely without him.  Parke and I find ourselves getting all misty eyed at the most smallest things.  Like having left over french fries at the restaurant, first instinct is to get a doggy bag because Digger would of loved them.  Eating supper and being full and having no one to give the end of the meatball sandwich to.  Silly stuff, I know but it was part of everyday life.   But one thing that I haven't done this past month is sit out in the backyard.  That's because there is no Digger to pest me. Digger either wanted his headed patted or his butt scratched so sitting out on the back porch and not being bothered was to sad to handle.  Until today.

Today after we got done cutting the grass, Oakley, the neighbors cat, decided to visit.  I decided to join him in the backyard with the newspaper, I knew I wouldn't be alone.  There was something comforting about reading the paper with a cat under the chair.  He then decided to sit on the chair next to me, I wanted to get a picture of this, but when I moved, he followed.  After I sat down again, he joined me again.  He even walked up and down the yard with me, I guess he is kinda like a dog.  Maybe Oakley just knows what I needed today, a pet underfoot, someone to pat on the head, and obviously someone to guard the newspaper so no one can read it.  That's what cat's do best. 

Thanks Oakley, for being a friend, and that's another day in Catasauqua