Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Stare Down in Catty

I started telling this story to Parke and he said "Why don't you blog this story, you haven't been blogging?"  What a good idea, that's why I keep him around.

Anyway, the story starts this morning early AM.  I was  going to breakfast with a bunch of bff's from church and I wanted to quickly walk the dog.  We were doing good until Petey started a staring match with a certain large gentleman across the street.

I have learned a lot about dog behavior from Petey's Obedience Classes at Chaar.  Dogs will stare especially at each other.  The first dog that moves determines the type of behavior.  Example, the dog on the one side of where I live came forward with a low growl, she was showing aggression and they started a barking match.  On the other hand last weekend a new dog was visiting on the other side of where I live.  His name was Harley and he was a large 7 month old.  They did the stare down, but Harley went bouncing up the yard which showed playful behavior.  Harley really tired out Petey last week, he ended up napping all night.

But this morning's stare down wasn't friendly, the man didn't move, he just keep staring, and Petey started with a low growl, warning the man to look away, but the man didn't, so Petey started barking, which started me laughing, because you see, the man was blow up Santa.  Yes, Petey was barking at blow up Santa and I couldn't get him to stop.  I had to tell him "leave it"  which is the command to walk away but he was sure that this man meant trouble.  I had my hand over it mouth the one time, but he kept trying to bark. It was muffled by my glove and he cheeks would puff out in effort to make a sound.  I had to pull him for about a half a block until we were away from the Jolly Elf.

Oh poor Santa, I better make sure I have Petey is in his cage Christmas Eve.  I shudder to think what might happen if Santa bent over him to say Merry Christmas.

Oh my, and that's another day in Catasauqua.