Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday in the Park - Old Home Week - Part 2

Well, I got back down to the park this evening to listen to Common Bond.  I am so bummed that I missed Tavern Tan - I wanted to hear Andy B.  I wrote my earlier blog in a hurry so I could get to my Pampered Chef Party - I was a little late - but that's okay.  I wanted to make sure that if you didn't know what to do today and saw the blog that you would trek on down to the playground.

Catasauqua - what a beautiful weather weekend - and tonight was no different.  I heard there were good crowds today.  There were a lot of people both of the times I was there.  I heard lots of good things to.  Many people enjoyed the fact that the stands were step up on the pool side of the playground instead of St. John's Street.  It made it more shady - I know I enjoyed it.  

Parke again got a sandwich at Evonne's - I am afraid he is going to start hanging her her sandwich shop. 

I want to say what a Great Job you are all doing  to the people who are running these events.  KUDOS & THANK YOU!!!

The festivities continue next weekend starting with the Pub Crawl, Thursday Evening starting at 5:00 PM.  I am sorry to say that my pub crawling days are over.  I would make it to one bar and be crawling home.  Maybe as some of you crawl by my house I'll take pictures and blog about it.  Let me know when you do the Pepsi Crawl, I'll be there.

And an event that I have been attending for the last two years and will be there again this year - it has become a tradition on July 4th to assemble on the lawn of the George Taylor House for a Reading of the Declaration of Independence at 10AM with an Honor Guard salute. There will be patriotic music by the Antebellum Marine Band and tours of the house from 9AM to noon.

Don't ever say there's nothing to do in Catty - this weekend has been great fun.  All you have to do is get out there and enjoy.  And that's Another day in Catasauqua