Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Walk in the Park - Coca-Cola Park

 Yesterday was a special day, it was our Annual Iron Pigs Suite night at Coca-Cola Park.  Once a year a group of us from Salem UCC rent the Iron Pigs Suite, we each chip in to cover the costs and we have a night of FOOD, friendship, fun and baseball. 

I decided to take some pictures to share here in case you haven't had a chance to be in one of the suites yet. 

First we headed to the park with cloudy skies overhead, we knew that there was a chance that the game might be rained out.  But, whether the weather co-operates or not, you have to go for the food part of the night. 

We hopped into the elevator to the 2nd floor even though the suites are numbered in the 300's - tricky.  Off the elevator and pass the bar and food to the hallway leading to the suites. 

My plate
Besides being with friends the food is my  next favorite part.  This year it didn't let me down there was fried chicken, pulled pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked pasta dish, potato salad, a salad with dressings, condiments and fixings.  On another table was potato chips and the best cookies, the sugar cookies being my favorite!

The Buffet
I have it down to a science, I usually eat a hamburger, sometimes I just eat hot dogs, this is only because I love hot dogs, but Parke does not and the ball games are my time to get hot dogs.  We are 18 game plan holders so I usually get my share during the season, especially on Dollar Dog nights.  Last night, I ate to much, but it was so good.  I am of the mentality that I have to get my monies worth.  Thus why I am sipping peppermint tea as I write this!

A note to self - do not drink a beer after consuming a large quantity of food - I felt like I just poured vinegar in a stomach full of baking soda, can you say BLOAT.  My muffin top turned into a sheet cake over my jeans.  
John and Tammy

BFF Tammy was to throw out the first pitch for our group, and she was so excited to do so, but after she left to line up the rain started, the tarp came out and Tammy came back up, they were told to wait in the tunnel, but it was a good thing she didn't, the game eventually was rained out.

Super Ferrous
As usual Ferrous made a quick visit to our suite - it was Super Hero Night and he was dressed for the occasion.

Me with my cookie
I don't mind a rain out when we are in the suites, because you get tickets for another game and they will give them for the 2nd level which is called club level!  I like the club level because if it happens to be a bad weather night or if it is too hot out you can take shelter inside.  And to top it off this time they are giving us an additional $15.00 credit on each ticket to use for food - GO PIGS - hot dogs, here I come.

The suites are sweet, sofa and chair - high tables and stools - sorry Shayna for accidentally grabbing your boob to hike myself up on the stool.  But the night is about laughs, talking with friends and usually rooting on the Iron Pigs, well it was still good friends, laughter and food....maybe next year we can "root, root, root for the Iron Pigs, if they don't win it's a shame, cause it 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old ball game......and that another day in Catasauqua.