Friday, May 27, 2016

Concert in the Park

Well, summer has officially begun for me.  No it's not because it has been 90 degrees for the last two days.  No it's not because I put the air conditioners in and no it is not because it is Memorial Day Weekend - it's because I saw my first Concert in the Park.

A friend from my school days, Tim, told me to check out the band Reaction, that they would be playing the first Concert in the Park.  So, I woke Parke up and made him go with me.  He was napping because watching me carry and put in the 3 air conditioners tired him out.  Anyway - we headed down to the Catasauqua Playground.  It is a really short walk for us but it did help me get to the number of steps I want in a day on my fitness band-bonus.

We found a great spot at the top of the hill with a clear view and a breeze.  It was a vantage point to people watch and listen to the band. Great thing about the Amphitheater is that the whole area is in the shade by 7:00 PM

The band Reaction is a classic rock cover band.  The music is tight, I will give them credit for that. AND they definitely need to learn the first part of Free Bird, I have the feeling that the range might be too low for their lead singer, Luis Rivera.  He has a voice more like Axl Rose than Ronnie Van Zant and it is definitely a great rock voice.  The guitars, base, lead and rhythm are fantastic and the drummer is not bad at all, although I was not a big fan of his singing, Parke pointed out that he had the lyrics wrong.  That happened a couple of times, but unless your a purest like Parke it didn't really seem to matter.

They did songs from Cheap Trick, Journey, Kiss, Doobie Brothers and much more.  As the night went on they just seemed to get better and better.  We left after their second set.  Parke slept through supper so he was hungry.

There website is in case you want to check them out. They are also on Facebook at

All in all I give them two thumbs up and a shout out of thanks to Tim for pointing me in their direction. 

To the Band - learn the first part of Free Bird - let the drummer sing it. 

And now as I drink my first Margarita of the season - another sign Summer has begun for me, let me say this, "If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on now 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see....and that's another day in Catasauqua...rock on!