Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Thanksgiving again in Catasauqua

Well, it's Thanksgiving again at least at my house.  There is a turkey in the oven and there are potatoes boiling so I can make some PA Dutch Filling for dinner (Yes Annette, if you are reading this I will bring the leftovers to work).  We are even having Pillsbury Crescent rolls.  Why don't we make turkey more often?  I guess because it is such big bird, but that is the best part of Turkey -- the leftovers.  Monday we are having Turkey ala King and Tuesday a turkey pot pie.  Yum. If I still have left overs I might make some Turkey Orzo Soup for Saturday.   I bought the turkey the Friday after Thanksgiving.  They were still on sale at Giant and I just threw it in the freezer for a later date.  Today it that date, next Sunday it will be all party food for the Super Bowl so I thought this would be a good Sunday for a good old fashion Sunday Dinner.  Jaindl is having a turkey sale so if I make you hungry you might want to check their ad next weekend.

Also today is a good day because Parke found THROWBACK PEPSI at Lukoil in Catty.  Parke is a Pespi Throwback devotee and prefers to have it in the 20oz bottles, which are harder to find than the 12 pack of cans.  Wawa was the place to always go but as of late they no longer feature it in their soda case in Whitehall. (boo hiss)  We did find that Scheetz carries it also, but kudos to Catty for having a source close by.

Oh darn, I just thought about this, we were just over at Giant, I should of bought some cranberry sauce.  Oh well, that's another day in Catasauqua.