Friday, January 27, 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Mouse

This morning, at about 4:00 AM I was awaken by a sound, it was familiar but I couldn't place it at the time.  A series of squeaks or tweets - I reasoned it to be a bird, perhaps on my windowsill.  But later I woke again and this time to the rattling on my bedroom door.  Tipper, my cat, was trying to get in.  Oh no, I thought, that was the sound of a mouse, a dying mouse.   My thoughts raced, did Tipper catch the mouse, was it still around?  Tipper has a way of not killing them and playing with them for a long time.  Not like a cat I had along time ago when I lived in Whitehall. 

Jelly Bean was a mouser, a cat with knack of catching and killing mice, and lining them up to show me how proud she was.  We lived next to neighbors who never cut their grass which was like a "field of dreams" for a cat.   One night she came home and "knocked" at the door, I think she would rub up on the screen door which causes a knocking noise.  When I looked she was sitting there, just sitting with a stupid grin on her face.  I was like "what the heck JB what are you doing?"  Well, she showed me, she came and opened her mouth and out popped a live mouse, which she proceeded to chase all over the house.  My greatest fear was that while I slept she was going to kill and bring it into the bedroom and put it on the bed and I would wake up with a mouse head on the bed (shades of the Godfather but in a tiny way).  Well, she had it in the living room under the coffee table, that wasn't too bad. 

But  this mornings challenge was - is there a dead mouse somewhere.  Tipper and the attic Cat, better known as Cat, were both hyper this morning.  So I don't think it was either one who got the mouse.  But I believe it was perhaps outside of my bedroom window.  The neighbors Cat, Oakley and three other cats visit my front porch since my mom moved in and  feeds the cats.  But with that, last Saturday I saw a rather large mouse also partaking of the cat food, which scampered into my ivy upon me seeing him.  I said to Parke, that it was funny that it was out there with all the cats about.  My thought is that it is no longer a resident of Catasauqua. 

Well that's my morning here in rainy Catasauqua, hey at least it is not snow.  We are really having a mild winter.  I like it, and with's another day in Catasauqua.