Monday, February 13, 2012

Cheeses of Nazareth and Crazy Cats in Coats

Cheeses of  Nazareth and crazy cats in little coats is the kind of day I am having.  It's been a day full of laughs and giggles.  First it started with our North Catasauqua Community Choir, "We Sing", we had two concerts today.  One at Our Lady of Perptual Help and one at Country Meadows Assisted Living.  The songs were lively and fun.  We had lots of laughs rehearsing and even while we were singing.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Afterwards the bffs and I went for dinner.   Nancy wanted to find Nazareth Diner and with a few turns here and there she found it.  While we were eating she mentioned that there was a cheese shop nearby and that she would love to find it.  I was game, I love cheese.  Anyway she asked the waitress if she knew where it was, she said she didn't know the name of the place, I turned to Cathy and said it was Cheeses of Nazareth and that was it, I and her lost it.  They said the directions and we didn't hear a word.  So they wrote down the directions for us, they said the place started with a "C"  and again I started laughing saying yup Cheeses of Nazareth.  Anyway we did find it, it was closed and it wasn't called Cheeses of Nazareth.

On another note, I have been trying to get my mom to stop feeding all the neighborhood cats, I know the neighbor's cat Oakley is like one of my own.  He has been coming over for years for treats, sits on my lap in the summer and even comes to the back door and looks in the kitchen window when he is really hungry.  But the food being out on the front porch has attracted a few more cats, one very fat little mouse, whom I think met his recent demise since he couldn't run anymore and maybe, just maybe a skunk.  So I took the food in.  I told my mom, that she can feed Oakley in the morning and that's it.   Tonight we are sitting here watching TV and there was a noise at the window, I asked Parke to check, and to be careful, just in case it was a skunk.  He opened the door and said nope, just a cat out here in a green coat.  I said what??  He said the cat was wearing a little green coat, and sure enough there was this cat, yet another one I haven't seen wearing a little green coat with dog bones on it.

Parke's theory is that the cat roughed up some little dog and stole it's coat.  The strange sites here in Catty.  Well, in case you didn't know where I lived before, you will now, just look for the house with all the cats on the front porch including the one sporting a coat, and that's ...another day in Catasauqua.