Friday, February 17, 2012


no, this is not us..we wish though
 Yes, it is that day again - it is the Annual Pajama Party!  Yes a bunch of "church" ladies of all ages get together and have a sleepover!  The very first year I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag, that was 14 years ago.  I got smarter since and have an inflatable bed.  I remember turning to Cathy in the morning on the first year, her sleeping bag was next to mine and I said, "I feel like I didn't sleep" and she answered, "It's because we didn't".  The early years we stayed up late and got up early.  Miriam would start the coffee in the morning at most ungodliest of times.  This year I will really miss that.  Miriam entered eternal life not to long ago.  I know we might shed a tear or two tonight, but I know, and I really know this, we will also laugh. 

The party starts at 5:00 PM and I am not disclosing the location, just safe to say it is in Catasauqua.  That is when the food will start arriving, in waves, and that's how we eat.  I always take, it's a tradition, Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  Shirley's homemade periogies will be there and so will the shrimp that Nancy B1, always brings.  There is always a gaggle of crockpots going and food all over the dining room table, which gets moved later to accomodate the sleeping bags and beds.   I am bringing a crockpot dish also, but it is for breakfast, it is a breakfast dish which includes ham, eggs and potatoes.

We have had over the years all kinds of food.  I brought sushi one year, we have had chocolate liquor bottles that were quite the hit, along with chocolate wine (which I am also taking tonight).  While I am on the subject let's talk booze, there is enough at this party to make half the town drunk, yet I don't think there has been a time that any one of us imbided too much.  My favorite, and I bring it every year is MARGARITAS!!! START THE BLENDER!!!

I must confess though, I was not geared up for this night until today.  The loss of Miriam and other issues in my life but a little damper on my spirits, but today I am all excited with anticipation of a fun night.  We even have someone new coming tonight, a new friend.  Hope we don't scare her too much, LOL!

Sincerely though friendship is the best thing.   Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe called life.  I love each of my friends, and each friend brings a different world with them.  Together we have a galaxy of delights, dreams and wishes. 

So let the games begin (no Karen not literally)....let's instead say, let the fun begin and if by chance you see a bunch of police cars at a house tonight let's just say that it's another day in Catasauqua.