Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can you say Poltergeist?

I can't resist this piece of history.  Being a horror movie buff the Townhouses at Haven Ridge in Whitehall are the kind of places that cause me to say "don't go into the basement."  They are beautiful houses, that look well built, but personally I think they are just at a bad location sitting under the Fairview Cemetery.   Plus, I have nothing against the Townhouses which just happen to be named "Haven" Ridge, which coincidentally is the name of one of my favorite shows Haven on the Syfy Channel.  Which is about a town in Haven, Maine that turns out to be a longtime refuge for people that are affected by a range of supernatural afflictions (called the troubles)  based on a story by Stephen King.

I think the townhouses are very nice looking, but I always picture the scene in "Poltergeist" where a body washed up in a hole they are digging for a swimming pool. (Some movie trivia - they used actual human skeletons, which caused concerns on the set about putting a "curse" on the film series)

Now I know you are wondering, what has this to do with Catasauqua, well from the book "Early History and Reminiscences of Catasauqua the author mentions Indian relics.  He says, that very few Indian relics had every been found in and around Catasauqua.  The did, however, find a skull while they were digging for the Lehigh Valley Railroad that was surrounded by boards, pipes and Indian tools.  But here is the best part, "Shortly before his death in 1886, Joseph Miller related to William Glace, Esquire, that he had heard  his Grandfather say that there was an Indian Burial Ground on the lowlands; that the elder Miller, who lived in the old Stone House above the cemetery gates on the road to Hokendauqua, peering through the underbrush at different times, saw parties of Indians bury their dead on the lowlands."  So is the stone house the one located on the other side of the Pine Street Bridge which is located outside of where the gates of Fairview Cemetery once were;  and is Haven Ridge, in fact, located on top of an Indian burial ground?  I don't really know for sure, but if you are living in Haven Ridge and your child or someone is watching the static on your television set and says "They're here"  run and don't look back.

and that's another day in Catasauqua