Saturday, March 16, 2013

Batter Batter Swing in the Snow

Parke, with snow on his hood at Coca-cola Park
Woo Hoo it was time to pick up our 18 game plan tickets for the Iron Pigs with only 19 Days until the first game and IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!

Yup, snowing, now my grandfather would call this onion snow, because it is time to plant the onions which he always did around St. Patrick's Day, which is tomorrow.

However, did you know the term is basically only used in Pennsylvania.   I didn't know that; and it is defined as a light snow in late spring, after onions have been planted.  So I guess this isn't onion snow after all.

Well, there's only 3 days to spring so I guess - let it snow - for it shall melt quickly.  Spring is just a hop around the corner in Catty and so is baseball at the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.  I can't wait!

So batter, batter swing and this is .....another day in Catasauqua