Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Trivia

Happy Mother's Day - for Sunday School this morning I put together the following trivia quiz to test the knowledge of the Mothers and Children - Have fun and see how many mother's names you know.

Answers will follow in the next blog!

Good Luck!

TV Moms

1) On Leave it to Beaver - what was the Beaver's mother's name.

2) What is Little Ricky's mother's first name?

3) On the Cosby Show what was the mother's name?

4)  On the Jeffersons - what is Lionel's mother's first name?

5)  On "All in the Family" what is the mother's name?

6)  What is Mrs. Brady's first name?

7)  What is Mrs. Munster's first name?

8)  On "Home Improvement", what is the mom's name?

9)  What was Pebbles mother's name?

10)  What was BAM BAM mother's name?

11)  On the Jetson's, what is the mother's name?

12)  On the Addams Family - what is the mother's name?

13) On the Gilmore Girls who is the mother to Rory Gilmore?

14)  What was the mother's name on Married with Children?

Biblical Mothers

1)  Who was the very first mother known as the "Mother of Mankind?

2)  Who was the mother of Samuel?

3)  This mother was very old when she had Issac - what's her name?

4)  She held her son, Jacob, trick his father to get a blessing.

5)  What was Jesus's mother's name?

6)  Who was the mother of John the Baptist?

7)  Who was the mother of Joseph?

8)  Who was the mother of Solomon?