Thursday, May 9, 2013

My thoughts from the back row of the Chorus

We Sing to my left
Tonight We Sing - the musical choral group I belong to from North Catasauqua sang at Barnes and Noble for a fundraiser for an English teacher in Catasauqua High School, Mr. Whitehead who is battling cancer.  He doesn't want the money for himself, instead he would like to raise the money for the school library and English Department.  20% of proceeds purchased between 6-8 pm tonight will go to the school.

Kudos to Mr. Whitehead and Barnes and Noble for doing this. 

We Sing to my right
The bff Cathy and I left to go over about ten minutes before it was time to be there, but to our dismay we could not find a parking spot anywhere near Barnes and Noble so we parked at JC Penney and walked briskly through the mall, but we were a tad late, but the good thing about this we just snuck into the back row.

The joys of being in the back row of a chorus is that you can dance and no one sees you.  And hopefully the director doesn't see you acting up.

Look carefully and see our audience
Our little concert wasn't well attended - some friends and family of members along with a few curious shoppers watched us, along with a young "Mr. Gold"  look a like before he became the evil Rumpelstiltskin (Once upon a Time reference).

Young Mr. Gold
After the concert Cathy and I headed over to the Yankee Candle Shop - ATTENTION MEN - they have special candles for you, like  MMMM Bacon, 2 x 4 and Fresh Mowed Grass!

PS - Cathy - Thank you for the Tart for a Tart!  

All in all it was a nice evening for a good cause.  My prayers are with you Mr. Whitehead.

  And that's .......Another day in Catasauqua.