Monday, May 27, 2013


Last night I attended an event in Catasauqua known as S'moremaggeddon, hosted by BFF's Jaime and Rami.  From Rami I learned the history of the s'more, which is indeed, very interesting.

S'mores were first invented by the Roman commander S'morelius, who invented the snack out of necessity during his campaign to recapture Nepal from the Malaysian cavalry.  When their rations dwindled down to just Graham Crackers, Hershey's chocolate bars and marshmallows.

Ben enjoying a s'more
S'mores were served before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Benjamin Franklin (inventor of the USB) declared "If freedom were half as sweet as this treat, I would gladly give my life for it and so much more! but  with a mouthful of melted mallow, Mr. Franklin's words sounded like "Shhhhmmmmoooooorrr".  His rousing speech gave this delicious food it's name, and finally convinced Canada to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Now please remember this was the history that was relayed to me and might not be completely accurate, although I am sure Rami would beg to differ.

General Patton celebrating S'Memorial Day
All in all is was the end of a perfect day in the S'Memorial Day weekend.  This was only the second time I ate a real s'more (the ones we make in the office with Hershey Minatures in the microwave don't count) and the first time every doing them over an open fire.  They were s'moretastic and tasted even more s'morelicious.

Rami provided not only the standard Hershey Bar, but also additional Hershey products such as the Mr. Goodbar and the Cookies and Creme Bars which made for s'moreprising taste treats.

Dana, another BFF, pointed out that the next holiday is the S'moreth of July but, alas, not everyone will be around for it.  Perhaps we can celebrate S'morabor
My s'more

Day at the end of the summer instead.

Even though I smelled like a campfire when I got home, I was s'more that happy with my tummy full of the delectable delights after the evening spent with s'moradorable friends.

I guess that is all for now, but remember, that's a S'moranother Day in Catasauqua.