Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring, Bridges and Flowers in Catty

As I was preparing for dinner, I sat on the front porch snapping beans.  It is amazing, has spring truly sprung, or as Parke says when I ask him if he is going to put the snow shovels away, "I am waiting for the big one."

I watched cars go by with the top down.  I saw ants on the pavement.  Bugs are flying around already.  My flowers are gorgeous.  Is mother nature pulling a trick on us, or is the winter that never really happened?

I am loving it.  I hope this is not a precursor to a really hot summer.  Let's not even think about that and just enjoy the beautiful weather in Catasauqua.

Took a walk with Parke after supper and was armed with the camera.  Do you know that on March 27th last year I attempted to get pictures of flowers and I had a hard time, not today.  Hyacinths, Daffodils and even something that looks like tulips are already in bloom.  A few more days and the Magnolia Trees will be in full bloom.  I can't believe it.

AND SPEAKING OF THINGS I CAN'T BELIEVE - the Race Street bridge will have lane restrictions this Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 3pm, for bridge inspection.  What if it doesn't pass, are they going to close it?  Duh, they couldn't do this before they closed the Pine Street Bridge?   I am off on Monday, so I won't have to deal with it, but I work Tuesday and because I work such strange hours it will affect me one way or another.   

When it comes to the Pine Street Bridge closure what bothers me the most is that it is almost time for BASEBALL - mainly Iron Pigs Baseball and I usually go down Race Street to Canal Road to go to Coca Cola Park.  Have you tried that at 5:00 PM yet, omg, you just inch along.  Hate that! 

Well enough whining, have a great evening, get out and enjoy this beautiful weather because it's another day in Catasauqua.