Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I write

I started this blog, Another day in Catasauqua, March 25, 2010, so this blog will soon have a birthday, it will be one years old.  I started it on a whim, I wanted something to do, perhaps earn a few bucks at it, an outlet for my emotions.  I have written about the history of Catty.  I went searching for the railroad tunnels and spring.  My subjects have been all over the place.  Several times I wrote about others in grief over their deaths. 

Today I was reminded why I write this blog, to touch you, my reader, to be informative, and just to be me.

I received a letter today from someone who knew Skeeter Heist.  I wrote about Skeeter a couple months ago, I was saddened by the fact that his obituary was so small, for a man who was so big in life.  This gentlemen knew him when he lived in Baltimore, when he was sober for a long time and when he drumming again.  This letter made me happy to see that for a while, albeit short, he was happy. 

The letter made my cry, both happy and sad tears; and I realized I wouldn't of ever got this letter, or got to know a little more about what happened after he left Catty and how he tried to turn his life around.  He sent me something, that I didn't have for my blog about Skeeter, and that was a picture. Thank you Jason. 

Yup, today I was reminded why I write this blog and that my friends, is another day in Catasauqua.