Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ode to a dog named Little Joe

Little Joe is her, yes her name, and she is my grandpup and I am dog sitting. She was named by my grandson, Joey, yes Joey named the dog, Little Joe and she is a girl. But don't let those doe eyes fool you, she chases the cats, takes biscuit out of my dog, Digger, a border collie's mouth, and has the occasional accident. But all in all, she's not a bad dog.

On the first night here she slept in the cage, but not with out crying, when I left her out of the cage she ran around the room and wouldn't settle, so it was back in the cage. She knew there were cats somewhere outside of the door and darn-it-to-buttons she wanted to find them. The second night after a few minutes of whining in the cage I left her out whereupon she went promptly to sleep on the bed. I guess she finally figured it out. She slept at our feet and woke up at 5:30 AM when she heard my mom. Why my mother gets up at 5:30 am I will never know. Last night I woke up at 3:00 AM to find Little Joe next to me and me holding her, tonight I can only guess that she will be in my spot and I will be at the foot of the bed.

She sent my cat Tipper into hiding. I tried to show Tipper, Little Joe while everything was calm, but I have huge holes in my shirt to say that didn't work. However after a few days everyone seems to be getting in better sync. The cats are somehow making it to the basement and the attic undetected by Little Joe, and Tipper has figured out that Little Joe is in with me at night so he was at my mother's door promptly at 5:30 AM to be fed. Now after a few days I notice that Tipper is stalking Little Joe, staying just far enough out of range to drive Little Joe nuts.

Little Joe is fiesty, in the afternoon she barks, if she sees people, dogs or hears the slightest little noise, she barks. Yesterday she had every dog in the neighborhood barking. As my neighbors yelled at their respective dogs I held up Little Joe saying "It's not their fault it hers!" and I heard an "Awe, she's cute." Well her barking has inspired me to write this song inspired by the Bee Gees song, I started a Joke.......

I started to Bark, which started the whole world barking
but I didn't see, that I was barking at a tree, oh no.

I started to bark, which started the all the dogs barking
if they only could see, that scary leaf on the tree.

I looked at the sky, running at a man in the alley
and I jumped on the bed, barking off my head at things that were said.

Til I finally stopped barking, which stopped the dogs barking
Oh if they could only see, that the barking was from me.

I jumped up at the fence, barking at Buddy the neighboring pup
and I fell out of bed, chasing the cat who ran up ahead

Till I finally go home, then the cats will start living
Oh if they could only see, I am just a puppy.

Sorry Bee Gees.
and for me ..... that's Another Day in Catasauqua