Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why 50 year old women shouldn't be on Facebook

Fifty year old women shouldn't be on facebook was something my friend Cathy's children said when she and I joined facebook. I only recently tended to agree with them when I started the organizational facebook page for our church, Salem United Church of Christ, Catasauqua.

First of all, the organizational pages are set up differently than the individual. Individually I am a Bejeweled Blitz, Frontierville and most recently Gardens of Time playing fool. (If you know Cathy, please friend her on Gardens of Time, because she wants a bigger grid) But when it came to a group page I shared the password with 2 other women from church so we could update the pages. One of them being Cathy. The other night we were both of the phone on facebook at the same time trying to figure out how we could tell others about the page, since you really can't friend from the organizational page, after much laughter and a few snorts of my part we finally found a share button. Trial and error is they way we are learning, at first it was more error than trial.

You gotta remember computers were not state of art when I was in school. I was recently thinking about updating my resume and I was looking at a resume builder it said to list your certifications. I don't know, but do you think I will impress anyone since I was certified as a keypunch operator and in the Mag Card Executive Typewriter.

Ah yes, I come from the age of shorthand and manual typewriters, yes I am dinosaur, the nearly extinct stenographious secretarious. But I have come a long way, thanks to a son who went to Penn State, which forced us to get a computer and he taught me a thing or two along the way.
Now I work on a computer everyday. Utilize the internet for work and even figured out how to do this blog.

Well, the Salem page is improving everyday, (check it out!) yesterday I even put pictures on it and manage to change the title, (by the way the average user of facebook is 38 according to a recent study) so I guess a middle aged dog can learn a few tricks, especially if she is from Catty, and that's just.....another day in Catasauqua.