Friday, June 24, 2011

What's happening in Catasauqua

This weekend is turning out to be a very busy one in Catasauqua.  There will be lots of stuff happening.  First St. Mary's Block Party started Thursday and continues through to Saturday, 6pm to 10:00pm.  This year did you see the new addition to the block party on Race Street?   A Midway of rides!  They look pretty nice to, I passed by them the other night.  Food, beverages, games and entertainment will still be held on Union Street.

The past couple years when I stopped there to noisy around it was so crowded, I think everyone in town shows up.  I remember the block party when I was young.  My grandmother would send me down for the homemade perogies, one of our neighbors use to help make them, they were super delicious.  I remember also hanging around the stage.  There was always a band up on the stage and we would dance all night, it was so much fun.

The new midway reminds me of the old Catty Carnival that they use to have down on Race Street every year.  Me and my friends would ride the rides all night, gosh that was so much fun.

On Friday Night, June 24, Common Bond will be performing at the North Catasauqua Park for the first of a series of summer concerts sponsored by the North Catasauqua Park Recreation Committee.

AND don't forget Saturday Morning 8 AM to 2:00 PM - the WE SING COMMUNITY YARD SALE (I'll be working there somewhere in the morning).  Last time I heard we had 47 vendors coming, so it should be a pretty big event!!!  (Rain, rain stay away)

So, as you can see there is lots to do this weekend, I hope to see you around town.  I've been toying with the idea of getting a T-shirt that say "Another Day in Catasauqua"  they would be so appropriate on a weekend like this!

and that's......another day in Catasauqua.