Saturday, October 8, 2011

A beautiful wedding

Here I still am in the hills of Gettysburg.  I just got back from the wedding, I will post the pictures when I get home.  I must say I had mixed emotions about the lodge when I got here.  The room was not ready when we got here, but it did not take long until it was.  The cabin is beautiful inside, but outside - well, that was another matter, there really wasn't much of a road, or parking for the cabin, but I found out tonight that the lodges only opened in July, so that explains alot.  This was only the fourth wedding that the lodge has had, and they did an excellent job at that.

I had a little girl sitting next to me and she stole my fancy carrot sculpture off my meal, but hey that was okay.  The meal was delicious.  We did find out our way back to the cabin tonight.  Thank God for the moon and the book light that Tammy gave me for my birthday!!!

Well, it's getting late, I am sitting by the electric make believe fireplace, and the night it almost over.  So I guess I will join Parke in watching a little E! before bed. Good night everyone.

and with that it's ....just another night in Gettysburg...oh wait...sorry.... and that's another day in Catasauqua.