Friday, March 25, 2011

A new Blogger in Catty

Hello. My name is Bev Werner and I have decided to do a blog about Catasauqua from Catasauqua. You might ask why? Let me tell you why. I like Catasauqua. I have lived in Catasauqua most of my life, except for a small lapse of judgment when I was in West Catasauqua, which is technically Whitehall, which I quite never understood why if it was West Catty is was part of Whitehall Township. Anyway let me get back on subject. I like Catty, I like living in Catty and I just want to share my thoughts and times in Catty. I will try to list what's happening in Catty, although I probably don't know everything and I will share my adventures in Catty. If you would like me to list an upcoming event in my blog please email me at and put "Another Day in Catasauqua" in the heading. Thanks and I hope you come back often to Another Day in Catasauqua.