Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unusual Sights in Catasauqua

When entering Catasauqua over the Pine Street Bridge an awesome sight occurs, the Presbyterian Church's steeple towers over the town, and especially in spring and summer when the trees are with leaves the whole picture just reminds me of a perfect small town.

As I was driving home from work Thursday night I noticed something unusual as I was approaching the Bridge. The cross on top of the Presbyterian Church looked strange. It seemed oddly shaped. I thought that something had maybe happened to the cross, but as soon as I got closer I saw 2 birds perched on the cross. How funny, I guess any place in the rain is good for a bird.

It made me think about my own church, Salem UCC at Third and Walnut. We have a tree growing out of what use to be a steeple. In case you didn't know, Salem had a steeple, but it was hit by lightening and removed many years ago. Now we have that castle like top and in there grows a tree. My friends and I think we should come up with some sort of slogan for t-shirts, like "God like's Salem so much that he planted a tree on the roof" or maybe, as mentioned by my BFF, Cathy last night "Salem branches out".

But now Presbyterian can have a slogan..... "The Presbyterian Church, where God's creatures come to roost"........ and that's just Another Day in Catasauqua.