Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brown & White...Brown & White

I just got done reading the headline article of today's Morning Call entitled "Bleed--don't read--Orange and Black." Poor Northampton, it has to change all their streets signs by 2018 to a more acceptable color combination required by PennDot. One of the combinations that they can choose from is brown and white, but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen

I feel for Northampton, truly I do, there are alot of streets signs and I am sure it will be quite an expense. Personally I like the orange and black, I think you can read them easily. Plus when I am on a walk, I know I have gone to far and it's time to turn back.

This will be the 89th year for the Catasauqua/Northampton rivalry, a long running Thanksgiving Football Tradition. To this day, I cannot wear orange and black. If I attempt to I feel like some sort of traitor. I guess we do bleed brown and white and Northampton bleeds orange and black.

Being a Rough Rider does stick with you. I did a house settlement for Whitehalls own, Matt Millen many years ago, while he was still playing pro-football. He asked me where I went to school and I said, Catasauqua. He then ruffled my hair and said, "hey a Rough Rider." So I guess, once a Rough Rider, always a Rough Rider, and that's another day in Catasauqua.