Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh Say Can You See, Part 2

Well, we did it! We Sing, North Catasauqua's Community Choir sang the Star Spangled Banner at the Iron Pig's game at Coca Cola Park on Friday, May 13. Pastor Bob told us today that he saw three of us, from Salem UCC, on the Jumbotron, Cathy Reiter, Karen Renn and me. It was a great moment in time for me and I am sure for my fellow chorus member as well. We came out from Section 105 and marched over to the 2nd base area to sing. I forgot that the baseball players are on the field at the same time. It was strange to see them up close.

Since this was also a night that I personally had tickets for with my 18 game package, the section that I have been sitting with was there. As soon as I got on the field I looked up and saw the ladies that sit behind us and I waved, and sure enough they knew it was me and stood up and waved, danced and cheered, ah God love them, I know I do.

Well, we sang, they cheered, I think we sounded okay, I know we were quick! And now I can chalk up another great memory. And with's another day in Catasauqua.