Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boy, am I tired.....

This blog will probably have a lot of typos compared to my others because I am so very tired.  This weekend was wonderful.  A celebration of love, a wedding of my bff Cathy's daughter Jaime.  Jaime married Rami this weekend which seemed like a two day celebration, which started with the rehearsal dinner. Rami's family comes from the Middle East and the rehearsal dinner was a delightfully delicious buffet of middle eastern food.  It was super yummy since I love middle east cuisine. 

And, let's not forget the middle eastern music and dancing, oh my I am getting more tired thinking about it.  But I was up clapping and my attempt at wiggling these old hips to the music.  Rami's family was delightfully trying to teach me and others how to dance.  We had so much fun and danced all night.  I had to get up early the next day to help make the wedding bouquets. 

Specially thanks to another bff of mine, GRACIE, who is just so crafty.  She helped me with the flowers, her designs flow better than mine, I tend to balance my designs.  Between the two of us we made some nifty bouquets, my favorite was the brides. 

The wedding took place at Lehigh University's Packer Church and the reception at the Iacocca Hall, both of which were very impressive.  I partied until 10:15 pm and got lost on our way home, but some how I just kept driving figuring out that sooner or later I see something familiar.

During the wedding service I  read the scripture 1 Corinthians 13 - the Love scripture, you know which one - love is patient, love is kind, which I kept repeatedly reminding myself on the trip home (love is patient - love is patient) as Parke was trying to read the instructions, and I couldn't see the forks in the road or any street signs because it was too dark. 

It was a wonderful weekend and I still have two days off yet to recuperate, which reminds me - when I get done writing this blog - I am going to take a shower and head to bed.  I must be getting old, I use to party without getting tired, those were the good old days.

Well, I end this blog with best wishes to the bride and groom for a long and happy marriage.  And with that it's ...... another day in Catasauqua.