Thursday, September 1, 2011

Earthquakes, hurricanes and floods

So let's see, I wrote about an earthquake, my birthday, oh yes, and now a Hurricane.  Hurricane Irene blew through this past weekend causing wind damage and flooding in the area.  I personally faired off quite well, except somehow, during the whole thing I managed to catch  a cold.  But the basement didn't flood and our electricity stayed on.  I was ready for the worse, I had the freezer packed full of ice (something I learned on the weather channel--fill ziploc bags with water and put it in between the food in your freezer).  I had a case of water, I filled jugs with water, I lined up the flashlights, matches and candles.  Along with a radio with batteries and I was ready.  We secured the outdoor furniture and garbage cans in the shed. 

The good thing was that I didn't need any of the above items, however a friend of mine did, her electricity came on yesterday after having no electric for 4 days. 

Hopefully we won't see a plague of locusts next.

On the brighter side, I am getting ready for a wedding this weekend.  Yeah, my bff Cathy's daughter is getting married.  It is  shaping up to be a fun event, but darn I forgot to buy a hat to wear, you know like they do in England.  Oh well, that's probably a good thing to.

Well, I am off...and that's.....Another day in Catasauqua