Thursday, August 25, 2011

"You got be with your friends, even when life sucks"

"You got be with your friends, even when life sucks"  a quote from Nancy Bushspice.   She told me that tonight at a joint birthday party for me and another friend, Barbara, who was celebrating her 70th Birthday.

I didn't want to go tonight, I knew something was probably up, they told me it was just a party for Barb.   I was trying to stay away.  I left work for a hair cut, which thanks to Sheila at Expressions, turned into a cut, color and had my eyebrows done.  The brighter hair lifted my spirits a bit, but I still didn't want to go tonight.  I figured I go home, have Parke take me out to dinner and then come home and sulk. 

I got lots of reasons to sulk,. I am on a partial layoff from work, ends are harder to meet, savings is starting to deplete, can't find a new job because I don't have a college education and I am not bilingual.  I got family issues, health issues, money issues and just some plain old issues.  Why celebrate?

On the other hand, God loves me,  I have a job, ends do seem to eventually meet, I still have savings, a man who loves me,  a mother who bought me cupcakes, grandchildren with a birthday message, and I have good friends.  Lots of really good friends.  Who love me even when I sulk.  Yeah, I guess I have some good reasons to celebrate.

So besides being my birthday, which by the way happens every year around this time, it's.....another day in Catasauqua.