Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rested, restored and restarted

So I am back from a real vacation, but I am still catching up at home.  I need to finish folding the wash and I skipped cutting the grass this week since it was a rainy weekend.  Speaking of that we drove to Hershey in a light rain, it was nice Thursday and Friday while we were there and then ended up driving home in pouring rain.  Oh well, at least it was nice while we were there.

I really enjoy going to see Joyce Meyer in Hershey, this was our 4th year and she is coming back next year in the beginning of August.  So I am sure we will be going back.  My next blog will be some Joyce one liners of inspiration that I would like to share with you.  Besides seeing Joyce, we hit the Hershey Outlet, Chocolate World and each year we eat at the Hershey Pantry.  This year on Friday we ventured to Green Dragon in Ephrata, it is a huge 30 acre site, which is a Farmer's Market and Flea Market.  We unfortunately only saw a small part of it, one of the women with us fell ill to the heat, so we left soon after we had gotten their.  There are 7 large market buildings, but we could only find 1, I finally saw another as we were leaving.  It is a huge mish mash of all kinds of things and it was kind of hard to know which way to go.

Still I got to see a lot of Amish and Mennonites while we were their and on our travels around.  My favoite was the horse and buggy going to the gas station.  He was getting gas for a lawn mower, which means he was probably a Mennonite and not Amish.

Did you ever notice how much things change while you are away, even for a short time.  Mine were the weeds that grew while I was gone,  I swore that I pulled them before I left.  Oh well, what can I say that's....another day in Catasauqua.