Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I feel the Earth move under my feet....

I feel the sky tumbling down. I feel my heart start to trembling, whenever you're around. 

If only it was the glimpse my true love that was causing the earth to move, but it was an earthquake; and where was I?  -- at the eye doctor.  I had just walked up to the receptionist window at the eye doctor's office when the glass started to shake, at first I thought I bumped it with my elbow, but it continued to shake and the counter was moving.  I was looking at the files and they started to move and I was getting vertigo.  Soon everyone in the doctor's office was jumping up and saying what was that, what's happening.  The nurse walked up to the window and she thought perhaps an explosion somewhere.  I didn't know, it was kind of surreal.  I called my office.  Annette at my office had not felt it -  she was walking down the hall, the boss called her and said his desk was moving, she thought he was having a heart attack or stroke and she wasn't sure what to do.  Then she answered the phone, I ask her, did the building shake? She said she didn't feel it but the boss had, and then our Bethlehem Office called and the girl there had felt it to.  I called home, Parke thought the cat bumped his chair and my mother thought she had ghosts under the bed.   Parke called me back and confirmed it was an earthquake. 

I always thought I was emergency ready, but I certainly was not this time.  I stood still, watching the huge glass window shake, did not head for a doorway, did not duck for cover. 

The best story was from my bff, Cathy, who thought a giant squirrel was shaking her air conditioner, or that there was a ghost in her hutch (what is with blaming the poor ghosts) or someone was climbing up the side of her house, King Kong perhaps? 

With 9/11 so close I can understand why Washington, D.C. evacuated so many places.  I learned from CNN a lot of things yesterday.  That the east coast sits on one large plate, unlike California where the plate is cracked in many places.  That is why the earthquake was felt over such a large area.  And that houses and buildings on the east coast are not built to withstand earthquakes.  

I think it's funny that I never wanted to move to California because of the earthquakes and we get one in Catasauqua, who knew it would ever happen here.  Someone said to me it's the end of times, I say it's just...another day in Catasauqua.