Friday, August 19, 2011

Was that a Conga Line in North Catasauqua?

Yes, indeed there was a conga line in North Catasauqua Friday Night at the North Catasauqua Playground.  The North Catty Rec Committee presented "Paradise in the Park" complete with The Steel Drum Band.  The music was Hot, Hot, Hot, but the night was cool after a thunderstorm drenched the area just an hour before.

I had heard this band perform before at Coca Cola Park prior to an Iron Pigs game, but the sound system there didn't do it justice.  They sounded great tonight and I had a great time.  I got their after 7:00 pm, I wasn't going to go but I was antsy around the house.  When I got there I was delightfully surprised at the  crowd it was larger than I expected and the Tiki torches lit around the area.  I sat by a friend of mine and her husband for a little bit.  Soon after I got there I was served some Caribbean Jerk Chicken, WOW is was spicy but delicious.  I called my friend Shirley who lives nearby and she came up and joined me.  What a great night.  They played for an hour and one-half with a wide range of music.  Not just island music, but some gospel and popular songs thrown in. And yes!  it was inevitable that a conga line formed during Hot, Hot, Hot!     What a great time, friends, food, and music-- it certainly was Paradise in the Park and that's...another day in Catasauqua.