Thursday, August 11, 2011

A day at Musikfest

Well, it is that time of year again....Musikfest in Bethlehem.  Parke and I haven't gone for the last few years, but since I have all this "vacation" time on my hands we figured today would be a nice day to go.  The weather could not have been better.  We parked on Broad Street, by my Bethlehem office and walked downtown.  Since Main Street is not closed off during the day it was a little strange since if you wanted to eat at one of the stands you had to kinda stand in the street to order.  

We Volksplatz, Lyrikplatz, visited Handwerkplatz, went through Festplatz and ended up in Plaza Tropical.  I thought I was hearing some really good Bob Marley so we headed over to the tent and saw George Wesley (and his dreadlocks which almost hit the ground)  and his band playing a mix of raggae and rock and roll.  His Caribbean sound had me feeling like I was really on vacation.  We sat for about an hour and really enjoyed the show, man can he play the guitar.   I was contemplating how much white hair I was seeing, but some of those ladies & gentlemen were really enjoying the show, but I have come to the conclusion that once you have age spots you really shouldn't be raising your hands and doing any rock and roll hands.   Of course you had your usual drunks that danced through the whole thing.   But hey, it wouldn't be Musikfest with out them. (I personally was eyeing the frozen Margaritas and since there was a rock wall to my left and reggae music in the front I could of pretend I was on a cruise)

As for some other attractions, I am now the proud owner of 6 tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste, after going through the Sensodyne trailer.  They have dental hygienists inside who sit and give you good tooth advice and a back pack with more toothpaste.   I also won a Geico can koozie, which makes up for all those Iron Pig koozies that are never tossed to me at the Iron Pigs games.  Plus I had my picture take with the the Geico gecko, which I was hoping to post on this blog, but it says that it takes 24 to 72 hours until it's online. 

We did not eat anything, my stomach was having volcanic eruptions yesterday and this morning so I didn't want to try any fried pickles or fried koolaid.  Actually I feel that it is quite expensive to eat, but had I been feeling better I might have had something.  There were many appetizing stands. 

We did not go over to Steel Stacks, perhaps another time.   But it was a great day at Musikfest.  We there a little over 2 hours, got lots of exercise and had a lot of fun. 

Now I am back home, my feet hurt a little but that's.....another day in Catasauqua