Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pizza please in Catasauqua

I am writing this article late in the evening, because I didn't want everyone to call Pizza Hut and make them even crazier than they were.

About a week ago my mother had seen the Pizza Hut commercial about the "Big Dinner" for $19.99 which included 2 Pizzas, breadsticks and wings.   She wanted them last Sunday, but I said let's wait until this Sunday because I had the concert at St. Paul's Lutheran Church and I knew I would not have any time to cook.  It was a good idea in theory.  Well, my mom was so excited she gave me the money Monday already for the pizza.

So tonight, after the concert, I called Pizza Hut, in North Catasauqua at about 6pm -  I should of known after being on hold for a long enough time that I could  changed my clothes and go to the bathroom that there was a problem at The Hut.  But I order my pizza and it would of been 1 hour a 40 minutes for delivery so I offered to pick it up and she said that would be a half hour.  So promptly at 6:30 we arrived at Pizza Hut.  I knew something was wrong right away, the place was full and there were no employees to be seen.  People were discussing how long they were waiting.  The phones were ringing and no one was answering them.  The one guy said he had called 3 times before he got through.  I asked if anyone was working, the other guy said yes they are but they won't come out here because they are scared.  He then saw a square pizza go in the trash and he says - I bet that was mine.  It seems that all of us waiting ordered the same thing - the Big Dinner and they could not keep up with the orders, I don't know why though, and perhaps I never will.

More people came in and even one of my former Sunday School students was there with her daughter and nephew, who were having fun running around.  I think they became a source of entertainment for us since we had nothing else to do.  For some reason spirits stayed high, even more so after someone finally had come out and told the men a head of me that their pizzas would be free, should they ever see them.

There were some orders done, but they were regular pizzas, one for a Dan and another for Brian, neither who were there, but about 5 minutes later a man walked in.  Since no one came out to wait on him, I decided to.  I said . "Are you Dan.?"  He said, "yes".  So I yelled into the kitchen - Dan's here - Pizza pick up and after about 5 minutes someone walked out and handed him a pizza and said no charge.  About ten minutes later Brian's wife walked in, so we yelled to the back again and a girl came out, handed the pizza to the lady and left.  Never saying a word.  We told her it was probably free, and finally a man came out and told her no charge.  Eventually the one set of guys got their Big Dinner and then some other guy did, (he was starting to get a little testy).   We had all offered to go home with Dan and Brian's wife, but they wouldn't take us. 

Around 7pm my order came out and they just handed it to me, I felt kinda bad because there was still one guy that was there before me.  But I left quickly because there was some talk about tripping me and grabbing the pizza.  I said thank you to the girl but there was no response and my pizza to was free, and I believe probably everyone there would be getting free pizza tonight in Catasauqua.   My mom was tickled, she pizza and her money back.

I still don't know what the problem was, only one girl came out for a little bit. looking weary and she said if she could, she would pull the commercial off for the Big Dinner.   Must be something about a square pizza that takes longer, or perhaps it was the magic of the full moon tonight. Either way I can't complain about free pizza.  I hope Pizza Hut works about their pizza problem though, or there will be a lot of free pizza in Catty.

And that's another day in Catasauqua.