Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas

I have been trying to get a moment to write for days, but it seems there is always something to do at this time of the year.  For only the 2nd time in 33 years did I have off on Black Friday.  First I was low man on the totem pole and later, we were busy or someone else took the day off.  It is not that I want to shop, but I want to start decorating.

I tried to be "cute" and post of facebook as I brought down my totes last week that hold my Christmas stuff, but somewhere around 8 I started to fizzle.  Truth be told I have 15 totes that hold my Christmas decorations, Christmas Plates, my Christmas socks and yes, even Christmas Pajamas.  It took Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish decorating.  Nothing is untouched by Christmas around here.  From the Advent Candle ring to the Village on top of my piano Christmas is in every corner.

Christmas has been popping up all over Catasauqua to!  From decorations and lights to North Catasauqua's Tree Lighting last week (my favorite part is the hot chocolate, boy could I use a cup of that now)  and Catasauqua's Tree Lighting tonight.  We had breakfast with Santa yesterday at Salem UCC and there are still a lot of events to come all over town.

Well, it's time for me to clean up from baking, so back to work, maybe I'll save you a cookie and with's another day in Catasauqua.