Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Having the blues in Catasauqua

I feel a bit down today.  I think being off work is starting to get to me.  I am on a partial layoff and I work 24 hours a week, but this week 8 hours was holiday pay for July 4, so that left us only 16 hours to work.  So I was off Monday, worked 5 hours Tuesday and then I was off again today.  I didn't have that much to do today, but I still was busy.  I started the day cleaning at the church, then went to the bank and then to Toys R Us.  I spent the afternoon reading and practicing piano.

The book I am reading is The Help, I recommend it, it is so good, but it had me very emotional today;  my eyes kept getting teary.  It's set during the civil rights movement in Jackson, Miss., where black women were trusted to raise white children but not to polish the household silver.  It's shocking to me, how in the 1962, people were building separate bathrooms in there houses for the black maids to use.

I wanted to be sure to catch "The View"  I wanted to see what they had to say about the verdict in the Casey Anthony case.  There was so much on Facebook yesterday and out cries for justice for this little girl.  But I was pretty sure, from the little I watched it, that there was so much reasonable doubt and not enough hard core proof that I felt that there was going to be a not guilty verdict.  This does not upset me as much as the fact that in 2008 there were 1494 children (under the age of 18 years) murdered in the US.  453 of them were girls.

Worse yet, a 1999 US Department of Justice Study concluded that between 1976 and 1997 in the US, mothers were responsible for a higher share of children murdered during infancy while fathers were more likely to be responsible for the murders of children age 8 or older.  The saddest part of all that 61% of children murdered under the age of five were murdered by their parents and that the third leading cause of death among american children 4 to 15 years old is murder by a parent.  So while we remember Caylee, lets not forget that there are so many more children who are abused and murdered out there and we don't even know their names.

We are suppose to protect children, to love them and teach them and when we see something that goes against it, we become outraged.  

What a Debbie-downer I am today, but I just hopped on Facebook and saw this message from Joyce Meyer's "Nobody is in charge of your happiness except you."  Thanks Joyce.  I guess now is the time I have to start making hard decisions as to what I am going to do.  Do I go back to school?  Do I change jobs?  Do I get a second job?   I just don't know right now. 

In the meantime I'll keep on looking for something to write about, I'll read and I'll pray for answers or maybe a sign.  Hey and do you know what that sign might say.......that it just ... another day in Catasauqua.