Thursday, July 28, 2011

OMG - Catasauqua Lake, no more

Back in April I wrote two articles on the Catasauqua Lake.  The Catasauqua Rod and Gun Club built the lake many years ago and after the Rod and Gun Club disbanded the lake became somewhat mucky.  Hanover Township bought the lake from the County for $1.00 and according to an article in the Catasauqua Press, "We (Hanover Township) have invested over a million dollars in the park."  So guess what those scallywags did!!!!!  At the Township Council meeting of July 20 they renamed the Catasauqua Lake, it is now called Lake Hanover.

No wonder they never returned my phone calls about the Catasauqua Lake, they were planning on changing the name all the time.  Now I agree that the Township did a wonderful job in re-doing  Canal Park, it is beautiful, but they did not have to change the name.  They said they are changing the name because it actually lies in Hanover Township.  Well people, do we realize that Catasauqua Road, is not in Catasauqua or that Pennsylvania Avenue is not in Pennsylvania. 

If your going to rename something it is usually done in honor of someone.  Such as JFK Airport, or  Reagan National  Airport or when they rename streets or parks to honor someone.  Honor someone Hanover Township, not yourselves for spending money. 

Well, I know one thing, those two manmade islands out there are Beverly's Island and the Isle of Parke and no one can change that! And that's......another day in Catasauqua!!!!