Friday, July 8, 2011

What the frock?

Oh silly me.  I guess last night I did not proof read my blog  as well as I should have.  Because as I wrote about frolicking in the rain water as a child, my last paragraph read as follows:

"As I  watched the water swell on Howertown Road, the urge to frockling was getting stronger with each passing rain drop.  But how does one frockling on Howertown without anyone calling the police that a crazy lady is splashing in the street.  So, I discreetly wiggled my toes in a puddle instead.  Do you know how it felt good.  It was cool and wet and for a moment I felt like a kid again."

My bff, Cathy pointed out that "frockling" sounded like something dirty and that this paragraph read like a bad romantic novel.   As I reread the paragraph I had to agree since I did use swell, cool and wet all in the same paragraph, along felt good.  Well, maybe there is a trashy romance novel in me somewhere trying to get out and I just don't know it.

If I did write a romantic novel set it Catty, what would be a good title?  Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I will watch what I frockling say from now on and that's just ....another "frockling" day in Catasauqua.