Thursday, November 3, 2011

What ever happened to Thanksgiving?

Poor, poor Thanksgiving.  The holiday is almost all but forgotten in the stores.  The other day, November 1, I went to Party City, AC Moore and Target and the Fall season is being packed up and Christmas is moving out on to all the shelves faster than you can say Fa La La La.  All I wanted to get were some Bounty napkins that I saw on Target's shelves a couple of days ago.  They had fall leaves, but when I got to Target they were gone and replaced with Bounty Christmas napkins. 

Is it too much to remember Thanksgiving.  I mean the Christmas shopping season is suppose to start Black Friday, not Halloween Friday.  Poor Thanksgiving. 

I still see Halloween decorations around Catty, no Christmas yet. There is so much more to celebrate before Christmas - we still have the big Catty/Northampton Football game.  The bonfire, the pep rally (they still do that don't they?) and hey - let's not forget the Turkey. 

Well that's enough of my ranting for now and this is ...  another day in Catasauqua.