Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Catasauqua Halloween Parade for the inside & Trick or Treat

For the last two years I have been in the Catasauqua Halloween Parade with We Sing, on their float.  Many years ago, when I was just a teenager, I was in the Halloween Parade on a Float for the Youth Group from the Y.  We were hillbillies.  We build a shack with a porch and we had the back of the float decorated like a hill top with flowers and artificial grass.  We had a lot of fun in the Catasauqua Parade and so we did it again in the Allentown Halloween Parade, however, on the way home we hit a low hanging branch which caused the shack to come down on top of us.  There were no serious injuries, thankfully, but one of the girls had an injury to her leg and I bruised a finger.  So each time I climb on a float, I worry.  But the last two years have been a lot of fun, and riding in the parade is so different from watching it every year. 

First, the ride from the North Catty Playground to the line up area for the parade is a hoot.  The hills in Catty make for an thrilling ride, just hold on.  Secondly, children of Catasauqua, stop yelling CANDY CANDY CANDY, you are not going to get any from me yelling that.  The ones who get the candy are the ones who wave and smile and say THANK YOU.

And speaking of candy, how about Trick or Treat this year, sidelined by a SNOW STORM, hello, what's that all about.  But Trick or Treat went off Sunday night and I zombiefied myself (I don't like zombies really but I could wear warmer clothing).  One thing I discovered - boy, I have a lot of hair when you tease it all out. 

Trick or treaters were very polite this year, lots of thank yous!  That's always nice to hear.  I know trick or treaters are also getting older and I don't mind that, but hey don't be smoking and trick or treating at the same time and stop texting while you hold your bag out for candy. 

Well, those are all my Halloween thoughts, I hope your Halloween went well, and that's just ...another day in Catasauqua.