Sunday, April 24, 2011

Arise, Shine Catasauqua

Arise, shine the morning has come. And what a glorious morning in Catasauqua it was. I was told by the weatherman that I would wake up to rain. But what do you know, the sun was shining. I thought for a brief time that darn, we should have the Easter Egg Hunt outside today at Church, but when I did get up and about I saw that the grass was wet. But it didn't matter the Easter Morning was wonderful at Church. The breakfast was delicious, the children were wonderful, listening to the Easter Story and then there was the usual fun of the Easter Egg Hunt. We had so many prizes thanks to the wonderful congregational members of Salem.

The Church service was great-- the hymns of praise for Easter, always wonderful and uplifting! (and of course, to those in the know...the secret code). The Church looked beautiful, as I am sure other churches did as they bloomed forth with flowers. Salem's cross breaks forth in lillies for Easter, always an impressive and beautiful sight. (Shout out to Roseanne for the wonderful work she did) I got out of church in record time thanks to everyone helping to clean up. I had some quiet time waiting for the grandkids, I watched the end of Mary Poppins and was watching Nanny McPhee when the family came, they brought me yellow tulips (my favorite color)!!! We had some great laughs watching the end of the movie. They went onward to see more family and now I am watching the Sound of Music, you know I never saw the Sound of Music before, I know the songs, but I never watched the movie, today just seems like the perfect day to watch it. (shout out to Cathy....edelwiess.....edelwiess)

Today is full of the promise of new life, new life that is promised to us from God, new life promised to a caterpillar who will someday become a butterfly and even new life in the bunnies and chicks. Yes, even new life in the promise of sunshine, when it was suppose to be rain, isn't life grand in Catasauqua. Yes indeed, the hills are alive with the Sound of Music (gosh I feel like twirling!) (oops, I spoke to soon, is that thunder?)

I hope dear readers, that your Easter was a blessed and joyful time and as we always say at Salem, Christ has risen.......and that's another day in Catasauqua.