Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tree City, USA

Many years ago, as we were coming home one day we were sitting at the light at Front and Pine Street on the Pine Street Bridge, Parke says to me, "We should go there sometime." and I was like "huh". Well, to the right there is a sign that says Tree City, USA and right above the Tree City sign is a one way sign that designates Front Street, one way, that-a-way. Parke thought Tree City was down the street somewhere. We had a good laugh about it, and to this day I occasionally say, "we should go there sometime." But the fact is that Catasauqua is designated a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation. And, may I add, what a beautiful Tree City.

Parke and I took a walk the other day, my first since having bronchitis, so armed with my camera I took pictures of the many flowering trees that our town is graced with at this time. Magnolias (my favorite) flowering cherries, flowering pear trees and the dogwoods are just starting.

I love this time of year, despite my wheezing, and really enjoy seeing the trees in full bloom. If you ever had a child in the Catasauqua School system who had to do a leaf project, you also know what half the trees are. So on that note, I will leaf you alone, oh what a beech I am. Oh don't be a crabapple, you know that was funny, maple I'll come up with some more, cedar later..... and that's ...another day in Catasauqua.